9 Face mists to treat dehydrated skin

Face mists for dehydrated skin

Can face mists save the day when you have been lazy towards hydration or following a skincare routine yet want flawless and healthy skin? Yes, it can. It gives nourishing results when amalgamated as a step in your skincare routine, and provides an instant glow even upon SOS applications. Whether to combat warm weather sweat or cold weather dryness, they come in handy in all seasons. A spray during the day helps improve skin tenacity and texture. Even makeup artists use them in their routines. Celebrity makeup artist Bianca Louzada starts and ends her bridal makeup with generous sprays of the mist. “Cleanse your face and use a hydrating mist. Misting your face ensures that the skin gets its shot of moisturiser, and the concealer and foundation glide easily. Otherwise, the best of skins can appear chalky or flaky with products,” she says.

Ahead, we pick the best face mists in the business.

Ekavi Taral Hydrating Skin Essence

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With every spray, it hydrates the skin thanks to the generous presence of jasmine, neem, aloe vera, green tea and bergamot extracts. Use a mist on clean skin for an immediate boost of hydration or prep the skin for oils, serums and moisturisers.

L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence

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It’s no mystery that dehydrated skin is irritated, bumpy and flares up at the slightest provocation. L’Occitane’s Triphase essence comes with beetroot prebiotic and the brand’s hero ingredient immortelle essential oil, to balance and strengthen the skin.

Juicy Chemistry 100 % Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

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Rose is one of the most potent ingredients in skincare because of its intuitive balancing benefits. It hydrates and evens out blemishes. It balances the skin’s pH, controls excess sebum production, and keeps it soft and dewy.

Skeyndor Aquatherm Thermal Concentrate Water

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The mist dispenser is one of the finest available in this category and is super gentle on the skin. This spring water in a bottle best heals and hydrates sensitive and combination skin types, though it’s suitable for all skin types.

Ranavat Jasmine Hydrating Tonique

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This vegan face mist is made of 100 percent jasmine flower, free of any synthetic fragrance. With each spray a sensorial lift transports you to a blooming jasmine field. Packed with antioxidants, it hydrates and even repairs sun-damaged skin.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase Essence

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If you want your face mist to hydrate and brighten dull complexion, try this lightweight skin essence inspired by the classic Ayurvedic formulation of Kumkumadi oil. Aloe vera leaf juice, liquorice and saffron help you get the glow while also leaving a revitalized sensation.

Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist

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This refreshing toning mist by Pixi comes loaded with skincare benefits. It cools, strengthens and tones the skin barrier, leaving a tingling freshness. Enriched with an orange blossom water base blended with skin-loving citrus fruit extracts, lavender and arginine, it’s a multitasker.

Ras Rose Nectar Face & Body Spritz

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Made of pure steam-distilled hydrosols of lavender, geranium and rose, this refreshing mist tones skin and tightens pores. It doesn’t have synthetic chemicals or silicones, so you can spritz liberally to get that glow.

MAC Prep + Prime

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If you are looking for a mist that hydrates and primes, MAC’s classic Prep & Prime fits the bill. It’s an alcohol-free setting spray that moisturises as it smooths the appearance of fine lines and dryness. It works well with foundation and is a good pick-me-up for the skin on its own!

This article first appeared in Vogue


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