"We aim to nurture your inner cheerleader and calm your inner critic."

Lavenderoom is an immersive content platform dedicated to beauty. Our mission is to delve deep into the various dimensions of beauty, exploring meticulously curated themes like skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrances, and wellness, and fostering a vibrant community.

Our approach is to spotlight the glimmers of beauty while steering clear of conventional triggers! At Lavenderoom, we firmly believe that true beauty emanates from within. Whether you seek expert advice, founder stories, creator journeys, or authentic beauty content, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Mission:

To empower you to make informed choices in a beauty world overflowing with options. Think of us as your go-to digital archive for beauty and wellness.

Our Vision:

To create a realm for immersive real-world experiences, from curated workshops and writing sessions to exclusive previews and masterclasses, drawing you deeper into the beauty universe

Meet the Driving Force Behind Lavenderoom:

Aparrna Gupta

Transitioning from crafting stories for The Asian Age and Bombay Times to setting beauty trends in Verve, Aparrna Gupta’s journey has always revolved around resonant storytelling. Her prowess in content creation is unparalleled, with articles featured in renowned publications like VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel India, Lifestyle Asia, Elle, and Femina.

With over two decades of experience, Aparrna is a multi-hyphenate: Beauty editor, creative director, and content strategist. If she mentions that mood boards help her unwind, don’t be surprised. As an exclusive guest at major events and launches, she’s also a fragrance enthusiast, boasting a collection of over 1,000 perfume bottles!

Aparrna has further solidified her position as a distinguished beauty and fragrance writer, evolving into an in-demand Creative Consultant. In this role, she meticulously crafts communication blueprints for brands, encompassing areas such as social media, websites, and diverse customer engagement programs.

With two decades in the editorial realm, Aparrna’s skills extend beyond writing. She excels in content ideation, trend identification, mood board creation, and product styling. Her expertise has proven invaluable to homegrown brands, enabling them to authentically connect with their audience.

Lavenderoom, conceived on a rainy evening, is more than just a platform—it’s a sanctuary for beauty enthusiasts, a place where everyone feels at home.