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How to get the ‘Expensive Looking Hair’ look, according to celebrity hairstylist Georges El Mendelek

The ‘Expensive Looking Hair’ trend, as I prefer to call it, transcends the conventional boundaries of hairstyling. It’s a celebration of effortless elegance and sophisticated simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Izabelle Goulard, Camilla Coelho, the iconic Arab singer Elissa, and the notable Indian Miss World – figures whose styles embody this trend – I’m here to share with you the secrets to achieving this coveted look.

Defining ‘Expensive Looking Hair’

‘Expensive Looking Hair’ is not confined to the realms of wealth or status. It is an embodiment of style, class, and a keen sense of fashion. The essence of this trend lies in its simplicity and sophistication – a harmonious blend of contemporary styles with a relaxed, nonchalant elegance. This look signifies a person who is in touch with current trends while maintaining a timeless grace.

Key Strategies for Achieving This Look

  1. Keep it simple: Follow the hairstyle trends by adopting a minimalist approach. The aim is to enhance, not overshadow, your natural beauty. Choose styles that complement your features rather than overwhelming them. This could mean soft layers, gentle waves, or sleek, straight looks, depending on your natural hair type and face shape.
  2. Use your products mindfully: Avoid overuse of hair products. A light touch of nourishing oils or a minimal amount of hold spray can often do the trick. Opt for products that enhance the hair’s natural texture and volume without causing damage or build-up.
  3. Work with your hair type and texture: Understand your hair’s unique characteristics. Whether it’s voluminous curls, fine strands, or something in between, each type has its own beauty. Techniques like layering for thicker hair or subtle highlights for finer hair can bring out the best in your hair’s natural texture.
  4. Take inspiration: The real icons of this trend are the everyday women balancing professional and personal lives. Their practical, yet stylish hair choices reflect a blend of functionality and fashion. This trend is also seen among high-profile celebrities who opt for understated elegance in their hair choices, often choosing styles that appear effortlessly chic.
  5. Get the look (on a budget): Seek professional advice, but be clear about your budget constraints. There are many cost-effective techniques and products that can achieve the desired look without breaking the bank. Regular trims and proper hair care routines can maintain the health and appearance of your hair, which is crucial to any style. Best hairstyles and hairstyle trends need not be an expensive affair but a doable one.

Personalizing the Trend

Personal style plays a crucial role. Whether you prefer a bolder colour or a subtle cut, the ‘Expensive Looking Hair’ look can be tailored to fit your personality. Consider elements like face-framing layers or a colour that compliments your skin tone. The key is to make the style uniquely yours while keeping it understated and elegant. Try a variety of options to find out the best hairstyles that suit your individual personality.

Long-Term Hair Health

This trend promotes the health of your hair. By avoiding excessive chemical treatments and minimizing product use, you maintain the natural vitality and shine of your hair. Regular conditioning treatments and avoiding heat styling can preserve hair health, giving it a naturally lush and vibrant look.

Lavenderoom Takeaway: The ‘Expensive Looking Hair’ trend is more than just a style; it’s a statement. It’s about embracing your natural beauty and enhancing it with subtle, sophisticated choices. Remember, the goal is to achieve a look that is as timeless as it is trendy, as elegant as it is effortless. With these tips and a bit of professional guidance, you can make this coveted style your own and stay trendy with the ever-changing new hairstyle trends.


  • Georges El Mendelek

    Hairstylist to the celebrities, Lebanon-based, Georges El Mendelek has a reputation for creating magic with hair. He started with pursuing a marketing degree at the Lebanese American University but was quick to shift his career and follow in his father’s footsteps, Simon El Mendelek - a renowned Haute Coiffure. Georges El Mendelek pursued hairdressing at Saks Academy in London and today hosts an impressive clientele across TV shows like Mission Fashion, Project Runway, Arab Idol, Arabs Got Talent and Dancing with the stars.

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