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3 Hair Colour Trends That Are Made For Brown Skin Girls 

In India, we mostly have fair, wheatish and dusky complexions. Keeping this in mind, the best hair colour shades for Indian skin tones that you will never go wrong with are browns. Yes, browns reign supreme when it comes to Indian skin tones. You can play with a light or reddish or chestnut brown hair colour and see the results for yourself.  Here, I have noted down some brown-hued hair colours to try: 

Hair Colour Trends:


Deepika Padukone earthy chestnut brown colour

Chestnut brown is a beautiful and warm hair colour that works well with a range of skin tones, including those with a medium to dark skin tone. It’s a natural-looking colour that will add some warmth and depth to your hair.


hair colour trends

This reddish-brown shade is perfect for those with warm undertones in their skin. It’s a bold and striking colour that will make a statement and compliment Indian skin tones really well.


honey blonde

If you have a lighter skin tone, try a honey blonde shade to add dimension and depth to your hair. It’s a subtle, natural-looking colour that’s perfect for Indian skin tones that brings out the natural beauty of your skin tone and makes you glow.

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