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Face Yoga Expert, Vibhuti Arora On Her Beautypreneur Journey, Yoga & Sculpted Cheekbones

face yoga

On how she starts her day 

“I start my day by lightly stretching in bed. When I brush my teeth, I do face yoga, my signature 1-minute Vibhuti massage. Then, I have my morning drink. My go-to drink keeps changing depending on the season because I am a staunch believer in Ayurveda. This season or this quarter, I am having coriander seeds, two black raisins which are soaked in water overnight, and follow it up with half a spoon of ghee and a little bit of warm water.”

On her go-to AM & PM skincare ritual 

AM: “As soon as I wake up, I cleanse my face with a face wash. I do my 1-minute Vibhuti massage with my tea tree and avocado oil. I let the oil rest and follow it up with a little more facial yoga exercises. Then, I head for a shower and just use water to remove the excess oil. Post-shower, I stick to the basics: a toning serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen. Sometimes I skip the moisturiser if it’s too hot, and I just apply House of Beauty India Niacinamide Enriched Sunscreen.”

PM: “For the night, double cleansing with kumkumadi oil is a must-do ritual for me. Sometimes, I use a kansa wand depending on how much time I have. One product which you will always find with me is my collagen cream. When I am lazy and I don’t want to do too much, I use generous amounts of the cream and do a little more stimulation to the face with some exercises. And use the same cream on certain days as an under-eye cream and neck cream as well.” 

On how yoga happened in her life

“I have lupus, and that’s what sparked my interest in yoga and skincare. I was on the hunt for clean beauty brands available in India—some 10 years ago—and I was struggling with my skincare, especially because it was chapped and would bleed as you tend to have photosensitivity. That’s where yoga actually helped me. I did not know about the ‘shata dhauta’ ritual in Ayurveda, so I studied about it. I went to the Ministry of Ayush, got trained, and I had done a cosmetology course from a French University. This is where I could bring skincare and yoga together because I feel it’s crucial to understand what we are applying, instead of just blindly following anybody.” 

face yoga school

On what exactly is the face yoga school 

“Face yoga school I launched in February 2021, when I saw that a lot of people wanted to understand what face yoga is, wanted to get certified and actually start teaching other people as well. I started the school to start certifying people to take my House of Beauty India’s face yoga techniques forward. As of today, we have over 150 teachers, and we are constantly training people so we can reach out to all with our knowledge.” 

On how House of Beauty India was born 

“Once we have the knowledge and we understand what works for us and what doesn’t, that’s the best guidance to have. And that’s what I am trying to do with House of Beauty India’s products, bring the best of the Western world and combine it with our Indian traditional yoga Ayurveda knowledge, and make performance-driven products that actually suit sensitive, itchy, or Indian skin. The right ingredients and the quality of these ingredients makes a huge difference. And that’s what keeps me going like a horse with blinders on my career path.” 

Face yoga

On becoming a ‘beautypreneur’

The need of the hour honestly pushed me towards becoming a beautypreneur. Of course, I always had the passion to be in beauty but the dedication came in only with real results. When people started finding my products and hacks, one thing led to another and the result is what you see today.” 

On face yoga and benefits 

“Face yoga is the science of exercising your facial muscles with your hands or facial yoga tools. Think of it as a facial workout for your face everyday. It helps with anti-aging benefits, fine line reduction, and face lifting. It also helps clients who come in with facial paralysis, facial asymmetry after removal of facial tumors, etc. Some other benefits that follow are glowing skin, pigmentation, and puffiness as now you are setting the tone for your lymphatic system correctly.”

face yoga

On the right tools to use for a face yoga beginner 

“As a beginner, I would say an ice roller, which is a generic tool for everyone, and relaxation of facial muscles is important. LED tools are always appreciated because LED healing has multiple benefits, so it helps in collagen boosting. It helps in reducing pigmentation, acne scars, and brown spots. You cannot do face yoga without facial oil, so facial oil is a must.”

On her favourite tools from House of Beauty India

My favourite tools and products are: my acne Tea Tree Oil, my Collagen Cream, Face Cups, and my Micro Currenting Face Lift Pro. That’s my power list that travels with me wherever I go.”

house for beauty India

On that one person that takes centre stage in her life

One person I always make time for, no matter how busy my schedule is, is my son. Because the joy a child brings to you or the stress buster a child can be, nothing in the world or no skincare in the world can give you that.”

On staying positive and motivated

I just do what I want to do. Once work gives you enough joy, there is no looking back. How I stay motivated is thanks to all the clients I interact with at my Vasant Vihar center. The minute I get a chance to understand what’s happening, help them, and when they have positive feedback to give, I am the happiest. So, I stay positive and motivated in serving my clients better, and that’s the golden rule.”

Vibhuti Arora

On her unwinding ritual 

So I practice meditation and Yoga Nidra. I definitely believe in some mind-cleansing techniques. We are bombarded with so much through the day that it’s important to blank out and start a new chapter the next day.” 


My 1-minute Vibhuti massage is literally the Mecca of face yoga massages. After this, if you are using a facial tool, or hands, the process becomes super easy.”

  • Divide the face into a central axis or create a line in the center of your face and divide the face into 5 zones. 
  • Zone 1 starts from the corner of the lips all the way around till your earlobe. This targets your jaw and double chin jowl definition. 
  • Zone 2 is the zygomatic major and minor muscle or the cheek muscles. This starts from your nostril or nasalis, and goes all the way to your temple or temporalis. This entire region is responsible for face lifting, smile line correction, gastric issues, headache-related issues, cervical related issues. By just lifting this a little bit, you get to sculpt your whole face. 
  • Zone 3 is the ring muscle of the eyes. Here, we treat the under-eye and the upper eyelid together. They are not actually separate zones or separate muscles. We do special lymphatic drainage here on the under eye and the upper eyelid because all of us wake up to puffiness. Training and strengthening the eye muscle first thing in the morning, is not only distressing but also sets the tone for the day.
  • Zone 4 is the entire forehead, so here we target all the 11 lines on the forehead and the brow lines. Sometimes people feel that I have done botox, but I just do face yoga. If you are consistent, it does give a botox-like effect. 
  • Zone 5 is the entire neck. So now, whatever we lifted or drained, the lymph nodes are present on the side of the neck, and that’s where we initiate lymphatic drainage. A neck massage should always be downwards. There is a lot of confusion on Instagram whether you should massage your neck upwards or downwards. I have been talking, harping, and promoting this fact over years now that always massage your neck in a downward technique. 

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