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A Page From Content Creator, Natasha Patel’s Pregnancy Skincare Diary 

Having worked as the senior beauty editor and in the entertainment space in India for more than seven years, Natasha Patel, comes with a wealth of experience when it comes to the field of beauty. In her editor days, from creating digital content for the website, social media, conceptualising, scripting to shooting videos for YouTube she has done it all. It was time for her turn into a full-time content creator in 2022 and so she did. Patel’s content has always been realistic and she is like your virtual BFF for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Here, as she embarks on one of her biggest milestone journey as a mum, we ask her all about her pregnancy routine. 

Lavenderoom: Tell us a little about your pregnancy so far
Natasha Patel (NP): “It’s been great! The first trimester was challenging and I faced nausea all day long but now I’m in my second trimester and loving it. 
LR: How has it changed your daily skin and hair care routine?

NP: “I do have a surge of my old energy back now, compared to the first trimester. I am, however, trying to do my best to eat right, take time off and not overdo it. In terms of skincare, I am keeping it basic. Nothing too fancy, not too many acids or chemicals. For haircare, again mostly all the same just being extra cautious of the ingredients.” 

Natasha Patel
LR: What changes do you see in your skin during pregnancy?

NP: “I don’t know what they say about pregnancy “glow” but I have definitely noticed my skin feeling drier than usual.”

LR: What is non-negotiable for you when it comes to your pregnancy skincare routine?

NP: “Belly oil. Post shower and before bed I always apply an oil to prevent any stretch marks which also keeps my skin feeling nourished and soft.” 

LR: Could you share some pregnancy-safe skincare tips? 

NP: “Keep it simple. You don’t need to over complicate your routines. Also, a good facial massage to keep the bloat in check is a must I think.”

LR: Can you provide a list of pregnancy-safe products that you are currently using? 


– For moisturising: CeraVe Moisturiser with SPF 

– For stretch marks: Bio-Oil and Softsens Therapy Oil

– For cleansing: L’Oreal Paris Glycolic Cleanser 

– For lip balm: Laneige Lip Balm

LR: Do you have any recommendations for pregnancy safe sunscreen in India?

NP: “I use and love CeraVe’s Moisturiser+SPF. It does the job for my now dry skin and is amazing.”  

LR: What ingredients should one avoid when choosing pregnancy skincare products?

NP: “Any kind of retinols, salicylic acid, chemical hair dyes and chemical sunscreens.”

LR: What are some of the safe active ingredients one can use in pregnancy?

NP: “Ingredients that are safe would be glycolic acid, azelaic acid and niacinamide. I also think Vitamin C is fine but for me that’s a tricky ingredient to play with.”

LR: What skin treatments are you currently avoiding?

NP: “Any kind of laser and invasive and LED treatments.”

LR: Are you more inclined towards natural and organic or DIY remedies now when it comes to skincare?

NP: “Neither. I am inclined towards science-backed products and ingredients.” 

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