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Beauty Editor Spills the Beans: 5 Beauty Products Her Partner Not-so-Secretly Borrows From Her Vanity!

For those who don’t know, I’m married to an Army boy who truly believes that the country is his ‘first bride’, and then comes his lawfully-wedded wife! It’s essential to set the record before I get into his grooming details because people who serve in forces have no time to think about face washes that suit their skin type or sunscreen reapplication.

I am talking about a man who uses one cleansing product from head to toe and knows only Selsun when asked to name a grooming product. If you’re a Fauji wife, you’d get this reference! For the unknown, Selsun is a medicated OTC shampoo that smells so bad that you’d want to sleep in a different room the day your partner decides to use it. 

However, my husband and I have come a long way in five years of marriage. While he understands my obsession with Sephora trips whenever we travel, I know that his grooming routine will be limited, and while he grows fonder of my PR kits, I let him borrow a product or two from my shelf. If I can credit myself for one thing, it’s the fact that I made him understand the importance of sunscreen, using a gentle face wash and moisturising the skin. It’s a big win! Now that he knows a couple of brands and uses of a few products, here’s a list of beauty products that he often takes from my kit, and this wife is nothing but proud #IYKYK

1) Gel-based Sunscreen

As military personnel, his postings are often in areas with extreme weather conditions, be it the harsh sun in -20° or grilling in 50° heat. A couple of years ago, when he came back from one of his postings, he brought back sunscreen that, according to him, didn’t suit his skin. ‘It’s runny, and leaves a white cast…’ were his words, and I genuinely wanted to renew my wedding vows after that precise feedback. He often takes my spray sunscreen and light gel-based ones. 

We love Naked Sundays Hydrating Glow Mist with SPF 50+ for its easy reapplication and iS Clinical Eclipse Sunscreen with SPF 50

2) Concern Targeting Serum

This is big for someone who uses body lotion as face, hand and foot cream. It brings me to happy tears that we have learned the layering of products, and serum is now a part of his daily skincare routine. The brief was crisp–it shouldn’t be sticky, should work well if I forget to apply moisturizer, and must even help my skin tone (I taught him that term, of course).

We love Dermalogica Smart Response Serum 4-in-1

beauty products

3) Under-eye Mask/ Patches

When it comes to skin concerns, one thing that both of us struggle with is dark circles and puffy eyes. Therefore, slow skincare Sundays in our household would mean catching up over cold brews with our eye patches on. While no under-eye patch can reverse the sleepless nights, hungover mornings, and emotional meltdowns we have gone through as a couple, it’s soothing and hydrating.

We love Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Mask and Pixi FortifEye Firming Eye Patches.

4) Intense/ Oud Fragrances

Another fauji-fact I learned a few years ago is that they are not allowed to spray perfume over their uniforms. That explains the new perfume bottles resting on his shelf that I gifted him when we started dating. Therefore, his time away from work also means indulging in fragrances that he cannot use otherwise. Happy to report that both of us love our intense, lingering scents compared to fruity, sweet-smelling ones.

We love Tom Ford Ombré Leather and Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

5) Hair Gels

While they have known only one haircut since their teens, hair gels are irreplaceable in their routine. How else do you set hair that is cut not too long to sit through and not too short to not show? Hair waxes and hair gels are. Therefore, a constant way of learning that sharing is caring! This also means a lesser product when we travel because we both can use one hair gel to set and style our hair.

We love Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

eco styler

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