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Here’s What’s In Store For The Month Of May For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

A new month, a new possibility. May comes with just as much promise and infinite possibilities. Read to know what the Universe has planned for your in this month, according to your zodiac signs. 

Monthly Horoscope

A new month and the Universe is asking you to focus on your goals and everything that you wish to bring forth. This new month, focus on harnessing your feminine energy — bringing it all together. It’s reinforcing your confidence, telling you that this is your time to shine. You have everything you need to bring your goals to life — make it happen. The Universe is also hinting towards reaching out to your creative side to bring forth the best ideas for you. This new month, trust that this is your time to go after what you want. You have it within you to make this happen & this month, expect leaps and bounds to grow and make massive shifts towards going after what really calls out to you.
Affirmation: I embrace abundance and stability, nurturing my goals with practical wisdom and determination.

This month is all about doing. Send that email, say yes to that date and everything your heart calls out to. May is bringing in a surge of passion. You have ignited the fire within you and this month, you’re being asked to let that fire inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Trust that this month, you have all the power and strength it takes to bring forth your dreams to life. You’re skilled, passionate and you have this hunger towards making your dreams happen. The only thing you need to grow is to cleanse your aura. Get rid of the old stagnant energy that says “you can’t”. Surround yourself with all things positive and know that it’s all coming together in the best way.
Affirmation: I embrace my inner strength and fiery determination, clearing karmic obstacles with grace. I am empowered to shape my own destiny.

A new month and the Universe is bringing with it opportunities to learn and unlearn. Trust that this month, you’re elevating and are ready to be wiser. The Universe is asking you to be prepared to let go of the past lessons and the cycles that you may find yourself trapped in. It’s a month where you’re ready to learn so much and discover the feeling within. The month of May is bringing with it an opportunity to rewire yourself and build a new YOU. Trust that this new month is allowing you to step into the highest version of yourself. Shine bright and let that heal you.
Affirmation: I heal the world with my vibrations and I move forward with determination. 

This new month, the Universe is asking you to let your inner wisdom guide you. Allow your intuition and inner wisdom to guide you towards what’s best for you. This month, also sees you achieving a whole lot of your goals — the ones which are life-changing and bring forth the best for you. This is the time for you to celebrate your goals and yourself, for making this all happen. While you prepare for the next chapter, the Universe wants you to know that you have everything you need to make it all happen. Rely on the wisdom within to bring forth the answers you need.
Affirmation: I trust my heart’s wisdom, embracing love and new beginnings.

A new month, and the Universe is asking you to start afresh. It’s time for you to clear your emotional baggage. Take some time to reflect and release what doesn’t serve you in this season of life. The Universe is asking you to honor your own needs and water your own dreams. This month is a prime month for you to water your own dreams — stay focussed and keep working towards what makes you happy. You’re on the right path, keep focussed & take micro steps towards bringing your goals into reality. Have faith that your angels and your guides are here clearing out any difficulties and guiding you onto the right path.
Affirmation: I focus my efforts on growth and mastery, letting go of past disappointments. I am guided towards abundance and joy.

May is bringing with it a space for you to grow and truly shine. The Universe is asking you to choose one goal for the month and truly give it your best shot. Trust that putting in the hours and the effort is giving you some amazing rewards. This new month, the Universe is asking you to continue putting in the effort and wait for the right opportunities for you. Do not jump into the first opportunity that comes along — wait for the opportunity that feels most perfect for you. This new month, May is holding space for you to truly grow and shine in the most authentic way.
Affirmation: I thrive in my independence and wisdom, embracing new perspectives fearlessly as I shine brightly.

A new month and the Universe is asking you to be calm and collected as you make progress towards your goals. The Universe is asking you to be practical and continue working towards your goals. Consider this a reminder, that you have to keep your goals the same, but the path can change. It’s okay to explore and try new paths. Indulge in some grounding activities like journaling and meditation this month, in order to have the most clarity. Trust that it’s okay for you to make big decisions and have faith that everything is working out in your favor.
Affirmation: I embrace opportunities with gratitude. I am protected by the source as I navigate life’s challenges.

May is bringing with it a sense of completion — somehow everything has come together for you. There are new beginnings coming your way and it’s bringing you some of the most wonderful new opportunities, which are wholesome. The Universe is also asking you to start new projects with a sense of wonder to allow your most creative thoughts to come through. Trust that this month, being grateful is allowing you to move onto greater heights.
Affirmation: I embrace the world with curiosity and wisdom 

A new month, a new beginning. This month, the Universe is asking you to put in your best shot towards your biggest goals. The Universe is holding space for you to be creative, to be vulnerable and start working on your goals. The Universe is supporting you and this is the time for you to be as creative as you can and let the magic happen. There may be periods of feeling lost and unsure of what path to choose and knowing that it’s all leading you towards finding your best self. Go back to activities that raise your vibration and allow you to be the best, most authentic version of yourself.
Affirmations: I thrive in abundance, resilient through any challenge, guided by my intuition. 

This new month, focus on your communication. The clearer your communication, the easier it is for you to be a leader and show others the path. This month, you’re the Universe’s chosen child and you’re receiving some information that’s allowing you to move forward in so many ways. Trust that this information is allowing you to fly and bringing you immense peace and comfort. Share this with others and it’ll bring you immense joy. The Universe is asking you to follow your passions and let that lead the way for you. You have all the resources you need in order to succeed, make it all happen, exactly the way you have envisioned it.
Affirmation: I embrace swift progress and fiery determination. I move towards my goals with confidence. 

Before you embark on a new journey, the Universe is asking you to view this from a higher perspective. Think about how things will work out from all angles. Know that the Universe is supporting you and everything is working out in your favour. You’re being encouraged to be the most fearless version of yourself and do the thing that calls out to you the most. The Universe is also asking you to gain strength and inspiration from your family — they’re always here to support you and are pushing you towards being the best version of yourself.
Affirmation: I pursue joy and clarity, guided by intellect and emotional fulfillment.

This new month is bringing with it a renewed sense of passion and energy. Trust that you have what it takes to follow through on your goals and bring them to life. Indulge in meditation and let your intuition show you the path, the one that you’re meant to walk on, the one that allows you to shine. This month, your energy is contagious and allows you to be the most powerful version of you — protect your energy. Let your energy and intuition lead the way towards your best life yet. You’re crossing paths with some really inspiring people this month — keep your eyes open and allow these relationships to develop. This new month, the Universe is asking you to reclaim your power and step into the most powerful & authentic version of yourself.
Affirmation: I embrace intuition and passion, guided by inner wisdom and creativity.

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