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12 Best Content Creators Every Beauty Enthusiast Must Follow, According to a Beauty Editor 

Decluttering is the way to create a clearer path. Of that, I am sure. But more than decluttering, I am all about proactive thinking on the path to follow. Is removing obstacles better than finding the path? Maybe both are important but the latter is certainly a better way to get ahead. No, I am not talking about things, am talking about virtual clutter and overprogrammed feeds—Instagram clearly rules our life but as beauty addicts, beauty aficionados—who do we proactively follow? Or how do we declutter our feeds to maximize our information and discovery.

I picked out twelve of my favourite content creators/influencers in the Indian beauty terrain who say it like it is, have excellent reviews, are not afraid to go against the grain and will recommend ONLY that makes sense. Beauty girls that will make your feed feel like a curated magazine with only the best in the beauty of business. So here’s to my top 12 content creators in no order—some are brave, most give you great recommendations and all of them are honest and stay true to who they are and what they bring to the table. 

P.S I’m not adding Aparrna Gupta of Lavenderoom to this mix, IYKYK. | @aparrnawritesbeauty

12 Must-Follow Content Creators from India

  1. Vasudha Rai | @vasudha.rai

No one can beat Vasudha when it comes to being the goddess of all things beauty + well-being. She is not afraid to mix a high-end, almost luxe brand with a Clinic Plus ( gutsy and honest), advocates for overall health and is a treasure trove of knowledge of Ayurveda, invasive treatments as well as DIYs. 

  1. Komal Basith | @komalbasith

The good thing about Komal is her ability to be honest despite the fact that as an influencer, it might affect her. That’s a privilege and she uses it well—you can count on her for unabashed reviews, great global finds and recommendations that are not just effective but perfect for busy women. 

  1. Shelley Nayak | @shelleynayak

I used to go to Shelley for all K-Beauty recommendations—she is ace at it. She must have tried out most of them—she was the one who convinced me about Snail Mucin when it wasn’t even a thing. She has great hyperpigmentation reviews and if you’re looking for sunscreen picks – you get into her feed asap. 

  1. Supriya & Anushka | @a_good_skin 

Supriya is from Chennai, a techie and a skincare advocate who knows her ingredients inside out. Join her LIVES where she answers every question for you, makes endless lists of products you must buy and is the only person who will explain to you why retinol is important in your skincare regime. 

  1. Shagun Khanna | @shagunkhanna 

Wellness mixed with high-end beauty plus a sprinkling of well-tested desi brands—Shagun is your best bet. Her wellness meals are simple and have managed to draw my attention quite a bit. The fact that I can rely on her to give me moisturizers that work and haircare that’s effective and I buy them without thinking—that’s huge for me. 

  1. Isha Sutaria | @isha.sutaria

Aesthetic queen with an eye on the best of luxury—Isha is a true beauty buyer who can make sure your Dior sits next to Chanel with the best from each brand. She’s all about minimalism and easy access to luxe brands and her skin recommendations almost always suit me. 

  1. Smita DeSouza | @smitadesouza 

An ex Beauty Editor who has lived in Singapore and currently resides in London, Smita is my safe space for recommendations on makeup. With her silver fox hair and her penchant for picking the right lip shades, she makes sure your feed is blessed with the right products. 

  1. Shalini Kutti | @urshaynesss 

Real and relatable, Shalini Kutti understands what I want—product discovery with a side of Youtube routines and she nails it. Follow her for doable makeup ideas and simple formulations. The good thing about Shalini is her restraint—she won’t recommend everything to you. 

  1. Palak Sheth Ghose | @healthfulwithpalak 

Palak is my latest obsession—her skin is beautiful, her love for aesthetic almost magazine-like and her recommendations are always well-tested and for sensitive skin. I like her feed—her leaning to wellness and happiness and her ability to mix skincare ideas into her daily coffee run. 

  1. Ankita Chaturvedi | @corallistablog 

If I want to buy makeup or even skincare—my first stop is Ankita because she will never recommend a bad product. It simply is not possible. She’s also great with rose gold, simple, skin-showing makeup—the reason why I like her over pancake-faed, foundation-slathered makeup influencers. 

  1. Sejal Goyal | 

Another day, another skincare-wellness influencer who will give you a recommendation for a good water bottle off Amazon to the new Rhode skin cream. Sejal also owns the new-age brand Suhi & Sego and that came about only because she made sure we got acquainted with her easy, effective and interesting DIY beauty ideas. 

  1. Nive | @skincarebynive 

Faceless account with a whole lotta info. Nive is a great space for those looking for honest, simple reviews. They are almost carousel-driven and easy to understand. And oh, do join her Telegram group to have access to a skincare community like no other.

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