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9 Summer Scents You Need To Add To Your Cart Stat

As the temperature soars and the sun beats down upon us, there is one thing that we all want, to smell fresh and pleasant while we combat the sweltering heat that surrounds us. It’s an art form really—finding that perfect scent that captivates you without being overwhelming, that lingers gently in the air without making the people around us gasp for breath. In a season where heavy, cloying perfumes threaten to suffocate, it becomes imperative to seek out fragrances that are as light and refreshing as a cool breeze on a sultry afternoon. Here are 9 best fragrances for summer that promise to envelope you in a unique olfactory bubble on the sunny days and balmy nights of summer.

Summer Scents
  1. Zara Peach Glow
zara peach glow best summer perfumes

A sweet, fruity, floral scent, Peach Glow is as bright and light, and refreshing as a glass of chilled Peach Iced Tea on a hot summer day. Opening with a burst of juicy peaches with a hint of grapefruit, the fruity notes settle down and begin to merge with soft jasmine and a hint of amber. 

Perfect for: a brunch with the girls or for a day out shopping. 

  1.  Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance Perfume Mist
summer scents

This is your tropical beach holiday in a bottle. It’s sunny, it’s balmy, it’s coconutty, it’s lightly floral, simply delightful. Imagine you’re on a beach, the warm sand beneath your feet, the sun warming your skin, you have tropical flowers in your hair and you’re sipping on a Pina colada. Now put that into a bottle and you have Rio Radiance. 

Perfect for: a beach holiday or those days at work when you wish you could be on a beach instead. 

  1. Lancôme Idole
summer fragrances

Looking for a dainty and elegant fragrance that is versatile and can be worn for work or party, day or night? Lancôme Idole is the perfect summer fragrance for you. A delicate rose floral with a sensuous, musky base, this is sweet and juicy but not overbearing or cloying. 

Perfect for: From attending a school PTA meeting to a work meeting to a dinner date, this fragrance is appropriate for all occasions. 

  1.  Bon Parfumeur 003
summer scents

A fresh, sparkling, citrusy and unisex fragrance with hints of white florals and a touch of comforting musk, this one is as refreshing and invigorating as a glass of ice-cold lemonade. It is cheerful & bright, slightly sweet, perfectly citrusy and very uplifting. 

Perfect for: a casual day out, a movie with friends, a long drive or a Sunday brunch. 

  1.  Cacharel Noa
summer perfumes

Clean, classic, creamy, and comforting, this one has been around for over three decades, and rightly so. Imagine an all-white bedroom, the sunlight streaming in through the window, the plants on your window sill casting shadows on the white bedsheets, you’re freshly showered with wet hair and wrapped in a comfy bathrobe, that is what this fragrance is all about.

Perfect for: lazy summer days 

  1.  Victoria’s Secret Tease Cocoa Soiree
VS Tease Cocoa Soiree summer scents

Are you someone who loves gourmand fragrances and wants something gourmand even for summer? Then VS Tease Cocoa Soiree is one you should definitely try. A beautiful, fruity gourmand, it opens with a burst of playful berries with a touch of vanilla. It is creamy and gourmand yet light, like a fluffy vanilla cake loaded with berries. 

Perfect for: a sensuous summer date night. 

  1.  Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique
summer scents

A delicate, radiant, luxurious fruity-floral that is soft and sweet and just perfect for the heat. It is cute yet playful, fresh and sophisticated, and very versatile. Notes of fresh lychee and peach blended beautifully with floral notes of jasmine and peony on a sensuous musky base, this summer fragrance is perfect! 

Perfect for: work to parties, and family events to summer weddings, this fragrance is perfect for all occasions.  

  1.  M. Micallef Ylang In Gold
summer perfumes

A fragrance that’s floral and creamy, opulent but not oppressive, playfully tropical yet elegantly sensual, that’s Ylang In Gold. Remember Priyanka Chopra in the gold swimsuit in Dostana? The glamorous, sensuous yet playful vibe is what this fragrance is all about. Perfect for: all your summer pool parties 

  1.  Memo Paris Madurai
summer fragrances

A light, airy, intoxicating, and uplifting fragrance, this one is a compliment magnet. It is elegant and in a league of its own. The jasmine and peach notes are beautifully blended into an elegant cocktail with sandalwood and marigold with a faint touch of turmeric.

Perfect for: all your summer occasions. 

So, choose any of these summer scents for your sunny adventures and you’re sure to leave an elegant trail in your wake. Remember, fragrances are very subjective so wear the fragrance that makes you happy.

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