Ridhi Khosla

Let’s See Everyday Aesthetics From The Eyes Of A Design Influencer 

“Ridhi, show me a day in your life,” and with this intention, I set out to interview India’s leading design influencer, Ridhi Khosla Jalan. At Lavenderoom, the team believes that space is energy, and it can shape our emotional responses and experiences in unbelievable ways. We were captivated by Khosla-Jalan’s relatable approach to simplifying design for her audience. 

As a TEDx speaker, Khosla-Jalan, has not only shared her insights with a global audience but has also demystified the complexities of design, making it accessible and relatable to all. With a portfolio adorned by prestigious achievements, including being the exclusive influencer invited by the Ministry of Culture for the opening of the Prime Minister’s Office Art Gallery in Delhi and the privilege to preview Nita Ambani’s Swadesh project dedicated to Indian craftsmanship, she has left an indelible mark on India’s design landscape.

Ridhi Khosla

Through her engaging content and thought-provoking insights, Khosla-Jalan has cultivated a thriving community of design enthusiasts, united by a shared appreciation for beauty, creativity, and positive energy.  Here, we get her to share a piece of her life with us:


Normally celebrities juggle a very hectic schedule. They are deluged with people or getting flooded with messages from everywhere. I believe this is why they design their homes like their personal little haven with a mostly quiet tranquil ambiance all around where they can just kick back, be themselves, and soak in their thoughts and life.”


Beauty is a deeply personal and subjective idea, rooted in what sparks joy and happiness in their minds and hearts. What brings happiness to someone is uniquely beautiful to them. Therefore, it is important to understand a person’s specific notions of joy to translate these preferences into the design of their homes.”

Ridhi Khosla


In my books, happiness is the ultimate beauty. From my perspective, beauty is in everything that brings contentment and serenity. If a specific colour soothes your mind, that is the most beautiful colour or if just glancing at your favourite photographs lights up your day, then that can be the most endearing addition to your living space. If cooking is your go-to therapy, you can have an open-layout kitchen where you can whip up a lovely meal and engage in lively banter with friends and family—that is beauty in functionality. Simply put, to me, anything that brings you peace and releases you from worry is the true essence of beauty.”


“My morning ritual is my Buddhist practice. I wake up every morning and chant with my list of determinations. My practice helps me bring out my best self so that I can manifest my goals every single day.”


Often underestimated, the sense of smell has this incredible power to transform your space into something truly beautiful and uplifting. Think about stepping into a bakery—that waft of freshly baked cake can create a delightful impact that one cannot ignore. Now, imagine infusing your home with the comforting scent of vanilla or mogra, these smells have the magical ability to transform the way you feel.” 

Ridhi Khosla


I recently had the honour to meet and interview Mr. A. R. Rehman and I must say it was the most inspiring experience. What struck me was his penchant for constantly learning. We all know he is a legend in the music industry. But beyond his musical genius, I discovered that he is a very well-read and informed person. He draws inspiration not just from the realm of music but from architecture, interiors, or even from the latest innovations in technology. This encounter left a deep impression on my mind. Meeting him has motivated me to cultivate a similar curiosity, pushing me to delve into areas that may not directly relate to my field.”


My one piece of design advice for celebrities—please opt for a clutter-free aesthetic. You may be inundated with countless gifts, items, and memorabilia but it is very important to maintain a clutter-free environment. Else it can easily become chaotic—both visually and in terms of how it feels.”


One piece of advice I would give to anyone aspiring to make an impact in the design or social media world is to be true to yourself. Your audience can see your authenticity. It is when you can be your authentic self that you can send out an authentic message to the rest of the world. Additionally, I would also advise you to be well-educated and knowledgeable about the topic you are talking about so that you can add value to the audience that is listening to you.”

Ridhi Khosla Jalan


My relaxation space is my balcony. My balcony has a beautiful view, and it is also away from the hustle and bustle of the house. It is where I sit and meditate and reflect on my goals. I can spend hours there. Sometimes I get up early to see the sunrise, some days I quietly sit and enjoy the sunset. It is the perfect setting for clearing my mind.”

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