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Revisiting Our Roots: 5 modern skincare brands that remind you of your grandma’s beauty remedies

It is seldom believed that there is no such thing as perfection, but have you ever tried a skincare product that immediately resonated with you? If it did, you’ve reached a certain degree of perfection! It takes years and ages especially for women to choose the right product as per their skin type and to follow it up with easy skin care routine steps that suit our skin, and amidst the plethora of emerging beauty brands it just gets harder.

For me, somehow I always find myself going back to my roots. No matter how long the brand may have been ruling the beauty bracket it is always the journey and the formulation that matters the most to me. If that first swatch or sniff immediately takes me back to my grandma’s pantry I know I’ve chosen well! Being a minimalist at heart following the ‘less is more’ mantra comes naturally to me — especially with the winter season around. Here, I list down my top 5 skincare products that remind me of my grandma’s beauty remedies. 

1. 82E Turmeric Shield 

Speaking of grandma’s pantry, turmeric has always been a mainstay in home remedies, and 82E’s sunscreen Turmeric Shield takes me to the olden days. Known for its healing properties turmeric and ceramides are the main characters of this sunscreen. Sunscreen is an utmost and indispensable part of our daily skin care routine steps. With a promise of SPF 40+, this one is a lightweight formula perfect for everyday use. Plus the rapid absorption leaves no white cast and makes it the right choice for an oily skin texture like mine. 

2. Old School Rituals Handpicked Roses and Vetiver Toner Mist 

Plucked right out of the laps of nature, rose water gives every skincare routine a fresh start and my current favourite is Old School Rituals’s Handpicked Roses and Vetiver toner mist. It’s my all time dose of instant hydration right after I wake up and right before going to bed. While roses give me the much needed boost of hydration, the presence of vetiver balances the pH of the skin. Moreover, it’s not just a perfect mist for the summers, but it also stays loyal to my skincare routine when the temperatures go lower. It’s easy to incorporate it into my essential skin care routine steps every day.

3. SoulTree Advanced Kumkumadi Purifying Facial Cleanser 

Cleansers have always been a tough nut to crack for me but after the first use of Kumkumadi Purifying facial cleanser I found the right match. Cleansers play a crucial role in skin care routine steps. As much as the natural and antique fragrance of Mogra saffron lured me in, it is the lightweight formula and the soothing lather that made me choose this one. The gentle and refreshed after essence of this cleanser keeps my skin soothing and non stretchy after use. I prefer using this at night more so than in the morning. 

4. Pink Foundry Daily Moisturiser with Blue Light Protection 

Moisturisers are the USP for even skincare routine so one should choose well and so I did! Right after coming back from Pink Foundry’s fam trip, I stumbled upon the brand’s Daily Moisturiser with Blue Light Protection. I remember how my grandmother used to hype up the benefits of mandarin peel for younger looking skin, and Pink Foundry’s moisturiser is one to second that thought. It is one of my most favourite used moisturisers as it gives my face the perfect amount of hydration and just makes it easier to follow simple skin care routine steps.

5. Vilvah Milk Mud Mask 

Ever Since childhood milk is one ingredient that teams up the best with everything, be it for body scrubs or facial masks. So, when I came across the Vilvah Milk Mud mask I couldn’t stop myself from giving it a try and it is safe to say that it is a part of weekly skin care routine steps. It gives an instant glow to my face, it feels soothing, cool and calm on the face plus it has evidently improved my skin’s texture alongside taking care of those pores. I usually prefer using this over the weekend just to prepare skin for those Monday blues. 


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