A Curly Girls Guide To Monsoon Hair Care

If having and managing curly hair was not already tough enough, the palpable humidity of the monsoons makes it quite a task. Born and brought up in Mumbai with natural 3A curls (refer to the CGM guide) has not been easy — but over the years and through trial and error (and after going through several tons of products), I have finally found a routine that seems to work for me. 

The humidity that characterizes the season adds unnecessary volume to my curls, often frizzing them out. To avoid this, I double down on my styling routine — using a small amount of curl hydrating cream and a generous helping of curl gel to hold my curls throughout the day. It’s important to remember not to overdo the styling products because they can weigh down your curls and lead to scalp buildup if not washed out thoroughly. I swear by the Kérastase Curl Manifesto Cream and Gel for rich, beautiful curls that last through all seasons!

Just because the sweltering summers have passed doesn’t mean one should compromise their wash routine. I personally try to wash my hair with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo like the pH Laboratories Pure Repair Shampoo every 3-4 days, and I use a clarifying shampoo like the Fix My Curls Cleansing Shampoo to rid my scalp of any excess product buildup every 10 days. Before my wash routine, I try to oil my scalp and strands once a week with the Fable and Mane Holi-Roots Oil – this helps me wind down and feel relaxed and strengthens my roots.

One hair care product I never skip is a nourishing hair conditioner. My current favourite is The Body Shop Shea Conditioner. I find that the best way to detangle my hair is to douse the ends in a decent-sized helping of hydrating conditioner and run my fingers through the lengths. Leaving it in for five to seven minutes helps my hair feel healthy and moisturized.

As a practicing Sikh, I have also never resorted to cutting or trimming my tresses – while this does result in an increased number of split ends, I resort to bond-repairing formulas and masks like the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector for a healthier look and feel. 

For those pesky day threes after my hair washing and styling routine, my hair can get dry and look damaged– even more so in the monsoons. I keep these dreaded days at bay with the help of Arata’s Sea Salt Thickening Spray, which helps my curls look hydrated and binds them together gently when sprayed on the lengths. 

I prefer having a simpler hair routine, this works well because it helps me stay consistent, and I prefer a more au naturale look when it comes to my locks– this means I keep my distance from all heat-styling tools and chemical treatments that salon ladies have tried pushing on me since I was a pre-teen. I love embracing and protecting my natural curls and avoid any straightening and smoothening salon treatments. Moreover, it isn’t recommended to get these treatments done during the monsoon as the increased moisture in the air will hamper the results — meaning your curls and waves will be back much sooner than you’d normally expect. 

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I also stay away from colour treatments as I’ve never felt personally inclined to try them out, and I like the dark brown hue my natural hair boasts. As we know, colour-treated hair is prone to dehydration and damage if not treated with the utmost care, so it’s better to save these drastic hair changes for another season.


Depending on the forecast, monsoon can be an erratic time for curly hair. And there’s always one question: Is the humidity a friend or a foe? On one hand, it can reinforce your curl pattern and take its volume to new heights. On the other, it can compromise the definition by causing coils to unfurl easily. While the cloudy monsoons limit exposure to harmful UV rays, which can put hair health at risk, they can also cause your curls to frizz up and dry out. From protecting my spirals amid the elements to treating them with nourishing care, this routine is the blueprint for my glossy, full-bodied ringlets all monsoon long.

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