Here’s What Sets M. Micallef Perfumes Apart From the Rest 

Thanks to M. Micallef’s latest fragrance, my latest addiction is wearable gin. 

As I delve into the world of M.Micallef Perfume at the India launch of their recent gender-neutral fragrance G.N Tonic, it becomes evident that this brand holds many secrets waiting to be unveiled. In my exclusive interview with Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman, the co-founders behind this olfactive empire, I had the opportunity to unearth some fascinating details that will enchant fragrance enthusiasts, especially those from India.

M. Micallef

Passion, the key ingredient that fuels the creation of every fragrance at m.micallef, is the secret they hold dear. Micallef and Nejman pour their hearts and souls into their perfumes, infusing each creation with deep devotion and creativity. With a penchant for using unexpected ingredients, they defy conventional perfumery trends, crafting compositions that genuinely stand out.

Beyond their shared passion for fragrance, Micallef and Nejman’s love story is intertwined with the birth of the brand. Meeting in 1991, Micallef’s beauty salon initially brought them together. However, their professional aspirations took them through various ventures before their serendipitous encounter with the world of perfume. Nejman’s exposure to the mesmerizing world of ingredients and perfumery during his consulting work in Grasse ignited their shared dream. From that moment, their lives became intertwined, and m.micallef Perfume was born in 1995, five years after their fateful meeting.

The magic lies in the unique pairings of ingredients m.micallef Perfume is known for. One intriguing fragrance that emerged from their creative process is G.N Tonic. Inspired by Nejman’s favourite drink, the team brilliantly blended lime, bitter orange, bergamot, and ginger to capture the essence of a refreshing gin tonic. They christened it G.N Tonic, a nod to Geoffrey’s initials and his affinity for this refreshing concoction. The fragrance exudes an explosive freshness akin to the enthusiasm of tonic water, making it an irresistible olfactory experience.

1) Lavenderoom: What is it that an Indian reader or an Indian fragrance enthusiast should know about m.micallef Perfume?

Geoffrey Nejman: An Indian reader or fragrance enthusiast should know that our brand, m.micallef Perfume, is driven by passion and the use of unexpected ingredients. We don’t follow perfumery trends but create fragrances that we fall in love with. Passion is the most crucial ingredient in perfume creation, and our unique approach has resulted in a collection that captivates and delights.

2) L: Can you share some unusual ingredient pairings that have worked for m.micallef Perfume?

GN: While we keep some ingredient pairings confidential, G.N Tonic is a unique fragrance from our creative process. Inspired by my favourite drink, we blended lime, bitter orange, bergamot, and ginger to capture the essence of a refreshing gin tonic. The fragrance has an explosive freshness, making it a unique and captivating olfactory experience.

3) L: Is there any particular fragrance you created with Martine in mind?

GN: Yes, I had the privilege of creating a fragrance specifically for Martine about 12 to 13 years ago. It was a challenging project, but the fragrance became a huge success when we finally perfected it. It was called Mon Parfum and gained recognition, capturing the attention of many with its alluring scent.

4) L: What personality type or mood perfectly aligns with someone wearing G.N Tonic?

Martine Micallef: G.N Tonic is a fragrance that perfectly complements individuals who exude confidence, sophistication, and a zest for life. It is designed for those who appreciate the balance between classic elegance and modernity. G.N Tonic is the olfactory embodiment of the charismatic soul. It resonates with individuals with confidence, energy, and a zest for life. This fragrance is a companion for those who seek to make an unforgettable impression, leaving a trail of magnetic allure wherever they go.

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5) L: What is the inspiration behind the design of m.micallef Perfume bottles?

MM: The brand’s devotion to detail is exemplified by the handmade bottles adorned with precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and intricate designs. Every element, from fragrance composition to bottle ornamentation, harmonizes to create an unrivaled olfactory and visual experience. The first step in capturing the customer’s attention is to have an aesthetically pleasing bottle. We emphasize the design, quality of the glass, and colour choices. For example, in the case of G.N Tonic, we opted for a clear glass bottle to resemble a fresh glass of gin. The fragrance carries a natural green hue, adding to the overall visual appeal.

6) L: Are there any fascinating or lesser-known facts about m.micallef Perfume? 

MM: From Maison Micallef’s cultivating exceptional flowers in their gardens in Grasse to the meticulous artisanal fabrication process, every aspect of m.micallef Perfume unveils hidden charms waiting to be discovered. Each fragrance tells a story woven into the tapestry of Maison Micallef’s history, inviting fragrance enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey like no other.

As I conclude my conversation with Martine Micallef, I am left in awe of the profound inspirations that shape their fragrances. From their travels, where they absorb every detail, capturing colours, scents, and emotions, to the design process of their iconic bottles, m.micallef Perfume is a celebration of artistry and beauty. The allure lies not only in the captivating fragrances themselves but also in the stunning visual presentation, with bottles crafted from exquisite Bohemian crystal adorned with delicate engravings and hand-applied ornaments.

M. Micallef

What sets m.micallef Perfume apart is their unwavering commitment to their artistic vision. Unlike many brands that rely on market research to shape their fragrances, Micallef and Nejman have always followed their hearts. For 27 years, they have created scents they fall in love with, sharing their passion and artistry with the world. This unapologetic approach, driven by love and passion rather than market trends, has resonated with fragrance lovers, resulting in a consistently captivating and delving collection.

This refreshing new launch G.N TONIC is coming soon on and Parcos stores.


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