Founder's Diary

While studying literature at Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi, I never envisioned my path leading me to the vibrant world of beauty. Originally a lifestyle reporter, an unexpected turn steered me towards becoming a beauty editor, content creator, and curator.

I've woven tales of beauty, luxury, wellness, and transformation for over two decades. I firmly believe we gravitate toward what our hearts truly desire; my journey is a testament to that. In my roles in various publications The Times of India, Asian Age, Verve and Vogue- I've had a backstage pass to the beauty world. Beyond the glitz, there's authenticity, challenges, and victories.

Over time, my interests expanded beyond just makeup and skincare. I explored unique wellness retreats and unearthed a variety of sensory energy healing techniques. This journey underscored that beauty is holistic; it's as much about inner well-being as outward appearance. And by well-being, I don't just mean 'euphoria' or 'happiness', but a sense of security and ever-present curiosity. Embracing beauty is a continuous voyage of self-appreciation, recognizing one's value, and self-care. That's where Lavenderoom comes in as your handbook to navigate the universe of skin, makeup, fragrances, hair, and wellness, but in an affirmative narrative. 

What’s in the Name?

While I've always appreciated beauty, a defining moment was in the glamourous city of Cannes. Upon setting foot in this glamorous city, a unique aroma captivated me. Intrigued and slightly apprehensive about navigating this unfamiliar territory, I trusted my senses. They led me to a stall abundant with lavender blooms at a farmer's market by the iconic French Riviera.

The mesmerizing sight of dried and fresh purple flowers set against the backdrop of the serene seafront was sheer magic. Beyond its allure, as my understanding deepened through aromatherapy, reiki, and crystal therapy, I realized that lavender symbolizes healing and rejuvenation with its therapeutic properties. Traditionally hailed for its calming properties, its true beauty lies in its dual energetic role – it can uplift or soothe, depending on one's needs.

Since then, lavender has metamorphosed from a mere flower to a metaphor embodying my vision of 'beauty inside out'. It stands for the glamorous and mystical side of beauty, which I wish to explore and share via Lavenderoom.

If you check out the Contributors' page, you will understand how Lavenderoom is a harmonious space where diverse voices in beauty are invited and celebrated. Someday, I aspire to welcome you all to an immersive Lavenderoom studio overlooking the sea—a sanctuary teeming with flowers, fragrances, crystals, and all things enchantingly beautiful. Until then, please stay connected with me and sign up for the Lavenderoom newsletter to get an insider's look into in-depth conversations and insights.

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