Are you feeling the monsoon gloom? Here, beauty editor Hena Desai has found the perfect hack to cheer you up 

Most people remember what clothes they wore for milestone moments — that graduation dress, the 21st birthday jumpsuit, the farewell sari. But not me. My special moments are always marked with amazing nails. I remember wearing purple and yellow pop nails during my summer trip to Greece and getting multi-coloured tips to perk up my mood the monsoon before just because it was grey and gloomy outside. I remember my ultra glittery Christmas nails and the pride I felt when I created gilded gold foil gel nails all by myself at home. And I even remember the bad chrome polish I wore to a Coldplay concert in 2016 (which chipped off so badly because it wasn’t gel). 

Since I was a little girl, nails and nail art have fascinated me — I have tried everything from nail stickers to stamps and even piercings before viral nail trends or Instagram existed. As a kid, what sparked my intrigue with beautiful lacquers was my mother applying nail polish — she was never big on makeup and never even wore kajal. But the one thing she always, unfailingly, had on was perfect polish. God forbid you’d ever find her without her nails painted neatly in elegant pastels or “English” colours, as she put it. She even taught me the right way to apply polish — “three strokes and your nail should be fully coated; otherwise, you’re doing it wrong.” Two decades later, that’s the same advice I heard from celebrity nail artist Betina Goldstein in one of her reels.

Long story short, I am a wee bit obsessed with nails and nail art. What you wear on your nails speaks volumes about your personality; that tiny detail can seriously make or break your look. So, here we are, with me giving you the lowdown on some of the manis you must try this monsoon — because when the gloom sets in, you up the ante with some fun! 

Minimal Opulence 

I love gold. Gilded accents with a nude or marbled base can be a great way to grab eyeballs elegantly and make a grand statement without making your nails look heavy. 

Nude Cat Eye 

Not feeling demure, muted vibes? Then this dazzling style could be perfect to try. Magnetic “cat eye” nails have been a rage for a while now, but this gorgeous, glistening champagne shade is a new obsession I’m dying to try. Think of this as muted maximalism that draws only the right attention. 

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A Splash of Colour 

Nudes can get boring, and adding some colour could be a great way to add a fun vibe to your look. Try colour accents on the tips, leaving ample negative space to make your nails and fingers look delicate. 

Ombré Bling 

I’ve never met a pair of hands that didn’t look good in the vanilla or milk ombré trend — it’s so flattering on all nail lengths and skin tones. 



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