Luxury men’s fragrances that every man should have in his collection, according to a fashion photographer

Fashion photographer Keegan Crasto tells us about his cherished scents & moments.

Lavenderoom: Which are the top 5 fragrances you love/ use and why?
Keegan Crasto (KC): Here are my favourites :

1 . Armani Aqua di Gio is my go-to perfume. It’s been a staple in my collection for a while now. My earliest memories of the fragrance was smelling it each morning as my father left for work. It’s one of the fragrances he used at the time and I guess it’s just something that stuck. Certain fragrances with their unique scent remain with you like a pleasant memory forever embedded in your mind.
2 . Chanel Bleu EDP has been a fairly recent favourite. I was fortunate enough to be gifted one by the brand. I wont say it’s something I instantly was drawn to, but with time I’ve grown to love the fragrance. Something about that slightly aromatic almost woody scent and how that sits on my skin feels good.
3 . Hermes H24 EDP was an impulsive buy that I picked up while travelling. Unlike the others on the list it’s a lighter fresher fragrance and has now become one I use on a daily basis.
4 . Aqua Bvlgari I haven’t used in a while but definitely one of my favourites. I think I gravitate to water based fragrances in general and this one with its fresh ocean notes lasts through the day making the cut.
5 . Tom Ford Ombre Leather is the one I use sparingly. It’s got this lovely deep sort of smoky aroma which sits nicely on my skin.

Lavenderoom: Could you share any personal anecdotes or experiences where the choice of perfume made a significant impact on your own mood or creativity — could be during a photoshoot or a fashion event?

Keegan Crasto: The fragrance I pick on the day pretty much fluctuates based on my mood and how I am feeling before I step out. When you’re shooting, it’s usually long hectic 12-hour shifts stuck in closed space or depending on the day, an exhausting outdoor shoot. I usually go for something that’s lighter and leaves you feeling fresh. In which case it’s usually my go-to – Aqua di Gio by Armani.

Lavenderoom: What is the fragrance that your beauty editor friends often rave about and discuss the most? Could you share any insights into why this particular scent seems to capture their attention and interest?
Keegan Crasto Namrata Kedar, Fashion/Beauty Editor and Creative Consultant, talks about Paco Rabanne XS which has been one of her absolute favourites that she’s used for a very long time. She received it on a press trip with the brand in Paris which makes it memorable. What makes the fragrance special for her is its notes of sweet vanilla and floral Ylang-Ylang. It’s one of those fragrances that always receives compliments.

Hena Desai, Content Creator/Ex Beauty Editor Grazia India, talks about how she’s been obsessed with the Gucci Bloom for years now and how it’s just a really nice comforting floral scent that she’s worn on many special occasions in her life. It’s her favourite because of the scent itself and all the happy memories associated with it.

Lavenderoom: Is there a particular perfume that you received as a gift and enjoyed so much that you believe it would make an excellent choice as a gift for others? If so, tell us more about this fragrance and why you find it gift-worthy.
Keegan Crasto “The Tom Ford Ombre Leather was a gift I received from Sukriti Shahi, Beauty Editor at Elle India. I think apart from the fragrance being absolutely beautiful it is unisex which makes it a great gift for everyone. Its unique smoky smooth aroma is unique. I see it as one of those fragrances that people will use for years to come.

Lavenderoom: Are there any specific designer perfume campaigns that you admire so much that you would have loved the opportunity to capture them through your lens?
Keegan Crasto I like imagery that’s clean and minimal. It’s how I try to approach most of the work I do and it’s what I am drawn to. One of the recent perfume campaigns that stood out was the Loewe botanical rainbow campaign. It’s based on screen test shots of the actors in it displaying their various range of emotions and reactions. The campaign is shot by Tyler Mitchell who’s photographic style I absolutely love. There’s a certain beauty in simplicity and that runs through the campaign. It’s something I would have loved to have photographed.


  • Keegan Crasto

    Born and raised in the sprawling metropolis of Bombay, Keegan Crasto has always had a penchant for portraiture and the art of colour composition. Inspired by lines and lineage, his photography has taken him to France, Japan, among other curious destinations, as he attempts to document the left of centre stories that evade the common eye. His work has been featured in i-D Magazine (London), Rolling Stone India, Grazia India, Elle India, Harper's Bazaar India, Platform Magazine and more. His commissioned work includes projects for Gucci, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Uniqlo, Louis Vuitton, Nike to name a few. He currently runs and is a co- founder of creative house Public Butter.

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