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Looking For Full Moon Rituals For Manifestation? Here’s What You Should Be Doing

The moon’s graceful alignment opposite the sun bathes the universe in a symphony of  harmony and balance, casting its luminous glow upon earth. A sacred portal for  accelerated manifestation opens in this divine moment of celestial splendour. The moon attains its fullest potential, infusing the cosmos with heightened energy that affects our  mind, body, and soul. Under its enchanting radiance, our emotions swell, and our desires shine with newfound clarity, inviting us to weave our deepest intentions and aspirations into the fabric of the universe.

It’s vital to acknowledge the profound impact of the full moon on our emotional and mental well-being. The full moon shines like a celestial spotlight,  penetrating the depths of our subconscious and illuminating facets of ourselves that we may have concealed or overlooked. It amplifies our emotions, encouraging us to confront and embrace them with grace and courage. By attuning yourself to the rhythms  of the lunar cycle, you tap into the ancient mystique of the cosmos, allowing the full moon to illuminate your path toward growth, healing, and the fulfillment of your deepest desires. You can believe and manifest whatever you want and perform these simple full moon rituals for abundance and prosperity.


Manifestation isn’t magic; it’s a principle of physics. Consistent effort is required to release  old wounds and traumas from our nervous system to witness tangible change. Our intentions align with the universe’s frequency through this energy work. We must become the “core frequency holders” of our desires by elevating our fixed point of being, clearing blockages, and embracing expansion, abundance, and joy. We must be consistent with our efforts and have positive intentions to harness the fruit after performing full moon rituals for the manifestation of what we desire.

Remember, our thoughts transmit intentions, but our emotions attract them. Hence,  assessing our internal state is crucial, ensuring we feel deserving of our desires. Identify and address any internal barriers that may obstruct our aspirations. Manifestation is a patient and trusting process. After performing your ritual, remain receptive to the universe’s guidance and signs. Opportunities will arise, synchronicities will unfold, and your path to fulfillment will manifest.

Harnessing the full moon’s energy for manifestation is an empowering practice that  harmonises us with nature’s rhythms and aligns us with our deepest aspirations. Embrace  the full moon’s energy, set your intentions, and witness the universe conspire to manifest  your dreams


Crafted for those looking to cleanse their bodies and auras of heavy energies, this ritual  aligns perfectly with the purifying essence of the full moon. This is how you can perform your full moon rituals for manifestation.


• 1 white candle (for positive energy) 

• 1 green candle (for manifestation) 

• Herbs: sachet of WLTH herbal blend or any hot herbal beverage 

• Smudging tool: sage bundle, Palo Santo, or any incense 

• 3 bay leaves 

• Your favourite crystal 

• A pen 

• Lighter or matchbox 

• Meditation mat 

• Find a serene and quiet outdoor space, preferably under the moonlight. 

Tip: The optimal time to manifest during a full moon is at its peak, and the surrounding “golden hours” are when the moon’s gravitational pull is most potent.


As the full moon symbolises culmination, it’s the ideal moment for releasing physical,  emotional, and spiritual toxins. Consider a light fast on the full moon day, perhaps consuming only herbal blends, water, or fresh juices. Fasting purges toxins from your body while purifying your spirit, leaving you fully prepared for the upcoming cycle.Lay your meditation mat, place your ritual ingredients in front of you, and sit with a straight  spine. 

1. Cleansing your aura

Begin by cleansing your aura with the smudging tool from head to toe, followed by your  ritual ingredients. As you smudge your aura, repeat the affirmation with sincerity and  enthusiasm: “I release anything that does not align with my highest self and future. I  welcome purity, positivity, and oneness into my energetic space. My energy rises, and  my heart centre opens as love, blessings, and nourishment surround me.” 

Believe in  yourself and trust the process; you’ll undoubtedly flourish with positivity and light. As  you cleanse the ritual ingredients, recite: “I cleanse this space with light and loving  energy. Heavy energies, clutter, overwhelm, and confusion depart from this space. I  radiate love, joy, and peace and invite a tranquil mind, body, and heart.” 

2. Purification & healing 

Light the white candle for purification. Light the green candle, reiterating your magic to  manifest your ideal reality. Recite, “fire, earth, water, air, and ether, heal and free my being  from negativity and blockages.” 

Sit before the candles, allowing their warmth and glow to envelop you. Visualise negative energies dissipating while healing and positive energies infuse your being. 

3. Visualise growth and abundance

Hold the bay leaves and gaze at the moon while visualising growth and abundance flowing into your life. Write down three things you want to manifest on the leaves with your pen: growth in your career, love, new opportunities, or new friendships stemming from a place of abundance and purity. 

Hold the leaves in your hands and say, “Thank you for blessing me, Mother Nature; I call upon the energy of the moon to bring abundance into  my life. May the seeds of my intentions grow stronger and bloom fiercely.” 

4. Renew yourself

Remain seated, focusing on the candle flames, maintaining clarity and concentration on the sensation of renewal. Visualise yourself surrounded by a protective golden shield,  permitting only positive energies to permeate. 

5. Seal the energy 

Allow the white and green candles to burn down completely, sealing the healing energy  within you. 

6. Conclude the ritual 

Once you feel ready, thank the elements for their protection and aid. Conclude your  ritual with a grounding cup of WLTH herbal blend or warm beverage. 

Place the three bay leaves in a bowl of water under the full moon overnight, along with  your crystal. Keep the bay leaves in your wallet/bag the following day, offer the charged water to a plant, and place your crystal on your bedside table. 

Happy healing and manifesting moon-child!

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