5 Life Lessons My Anchor-Turned-Author Journey Has Taught Me

Mic check 1, 2, 3…were the first words that I would say every time I was on stage or every time I would hold a microphone. Who knew one day they would become an integral part of my life? Being an electrical engineer and working in a top tech company did give me adequate joy that lasted for about two years but it was the love for the microphone that gave me a career that could last a lifetime.

There is a wonderful saying that has literally become the mantra of my life—’Formal education makes you a living. Self-education makes you a fortune.’ I am fortunate enough to have believed in that voice and pursued my dream of becoming an anchor. With every transition, however, comes a series of intense moments and lots of questions. Here, I have noted down 5 lessons I have learned along the way from saying Mic check 123 on stage to my namesake book debut: 

Kavea R Chavali Anchor

1) Keep it real

We are all storytellers at heart so the idea of writing a book can begin with a simple intent of sharing a story or an experience. I was worried about the title of my book but the only way I could make progress was by shifting my perspective to being a storyteller. 

2) Patience is key 

Life happens in between all the moments you want to focus on so having adequate patience to deal with these moments will make you stronger. If not, it will only make you more anxious to even attempt achieving a goal. 

Author Kavea R Chavalii

3) Do your homework

As a live events anchor, you are only successful if you are well prepared and the same analogy applies to writing. Being prepared with your research, talking to experts or even connecting with other stories can enhance your entire perspective to give your book a deeper edge. My research, too, included calls and conversations with many experts to hear from them or else my book would have only been a bunch of my observations and opinions. 

4) Connect with your audience 

Conversational and written English are two separate things. When I started writing my book, I was clear that the tonality of my book will be conversational because I wanted people who read it to relate to it. Fortunately, I found a really good editor, Mr. Arjun Burgula who edited the book according to the guidelines of a writer while retaining the emotions. That’s when I also learned that you need to have an expert or a mentor to guide you when starting off in a new arena.

Mic check 123 Author
Anchor-Turned-Author Kavea R Chavali
5) Step out of your comfort zone 

If I was to answer in one word what writing a book made me experience? FREEDOM. It was never on my wishlist so I never really worked towards it but just realising that I could make a difference with this book—that feeling cannot be described in words. The lesson it taught was to stop assuming and start actioning. And the irony is that ‘actions speak louder than words’ but it took these words to teach me the power of action over assumption.

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