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Here’s What Wellness Retreat You Should Opt For, According To Your Zodiac Signs 

The summer months have always been the best time off to plan your best vacations and bask in the sun, dreaming of exotic destinations & wellness vacations. This year, we’re helping you with your travel itinerary to plan the perfect summer destination for you—one where you can bask in multiple wellness rituals that are perfect for you based on your zodiac sign.


A wellness retreat for Aries should be full of adventure yet allow them to learn something new and full of action. The perfect wellness retreat for them would be an outdoor leadership retreat, allowing them to channel their need to grow and connect with like-minded individuals. Aries can also consider luxury safaris that allow them to bask in the luxurious sanctuaries yet satiate their curious minds combined with the thrill of wildlife adventures.
Location Preference: Luxury safaris in Kenya

wellness retreat for Aries


Taurus, a subtle yet strong energy, grounded in their energies. Supremely detail oriented and with a penchant to enjoy the finer things in life. The most suited wellness retreat for a Taurus would be one where they can pause, unwind from their everyday lives and bask in all things luxury. Consider a luxurious wellness resort nestled among serene hills and water, to truly pause and take in the weather. The perfect place for Taurus could be a grounding yoga session in the morning followed by a luxurious wine tasting in the evening and a gourmet dinner.
Location Preference: Wine Tasting Resorts in Tuscany, Italy 


Geminis with their social appetites and intellectual curiosity are always on the lookout for something that’s transformative and something that allows them to continually satisfy their curious minds. The perfect wellness retreat for them would be a yoga retreat followed by staying in a culturally rich metropolitan city. Being a part of these diverse yet unique places would allow Geminis to feel satiated & relaxed, inspiring them to go after their dreams.
Location Preference: Yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh

wellness retreat for Gemini


A deeply emotional and sensitive nature, those under the Cancer zodiac signs would seek environments that provide comfort, security & emotional depth. A perfect wellness retreat for the Cancer sign would be a tranquil & secluded spa retreat in Bali or Indonesia. The lush landscapes, spiritual atmosphere and healing practices would ensure that Cancers are at ease and can connect with their intuitive side, yet the structured activities keep them grounded and in touch with reality. Choose places that allow Cancerians structure and the freedom to explore their intuition.
Location Preference: Spa retreat in Bali


Leo, known for their boldness, creativity & leadership — they thrive in environments that hold space for them to grow and to be recognized. A fitting retreat would be one where they can stimulate their mind and body and step out of their comfort zone. Playful by nature, Leo’s have to be surrounded by atmospheres that hold space for play and all things fun. A fitting wellness retreat for Leos would be a thriving, fast-paced city that allows them to stimulate their mind and meet different people, have some fun conversations and indulge in sporty activities.
Location Preference: Cherry Blossom Walking Tour Kyoto, Japan 


Virgos are known for their meticulous and analytical nature and a strong focus on wellness and health, are naturally drawn to environments that promote productivity, learning and personal improvement.The most ideal wellness retreat for them would be a leadership retreat — one that allows them to sharpen their knowledge and learn something new. Combine this with team sports would make for an ideal wellness retreat.
Location Preference: Magical UNESCO side of Shirakawago, Japan

wellness retreat for virgo


With a high affinity towards balance and harmony, Libra thrives in an environment that supports and reflects these values. Choose a location that allows you to spend time with your family, your loved ones and your tribe whilst giving you time and space for everything you love doing. The most ideal wellness retreat for a Libra would be a secluded luxury resort, allowing you to spend time with your people yet leaving you time to do all the things you enjoy.
Location Preference: Luxury Resorts at Costa Rica 


With a penchant for emotional depth and transformations, Scorpios love visiting places with a deep spiritual history. Their most perfect wellness retreat would be a religious place with immense spiritual healing activities like kirtan, reiki and meditations to allow them to travel the depths of their minds and learn something new. Post their wellness retreat, they should feel like a transformed person.
Location Preference: Vortex hikes at Sedona, Arizona


Characterised by their love for freedom, exploration and knowledge — a Sagittarius is always on the move. Ready to learn something new? A perfect wellness retreat for a Sagittarius would be a mix of physical activity and learning something from a new culture. The idea is to heal their inner wounds and yet learn something new and get exposure to new perspectives.
Location Preference: Meditation in the mountains, Nepal 

wellness retreat for sagittarius


Capricorns are known for their discipline, ambition, and practicality. They are often seeking experiences that elevate their personal and professional journeys. The best place for a wellness retreat is one where they can nurture their creativity and their innovative thoughts. An ideal location would be a writer’s retreat to boost their creativity and perspectives, whilst indulging in the finer things in life.
Location Preference: Writing Retreat at Switzerland


Aquarius, the intellectual one, the innovative one, and the unconventional one. They’re always in need of an environment that inspires them to innovate, to do better, and to think out of the box. They’re highly intuitive, therefore their wellness retreat should be one which nurtures their intuition and allows them to learn new skills. An ideal wellness retreat for them would be one which blends traditions with modern ideas, allowing them to innovate and reconnect with their intuition.
Location Preference: Thermal spas at Nara, Japan

wellness retreat for Aquarius


Intuitive, empathetic and dreamy — Pisces are often looking for wellness retreats that nurture their emotional wellbeing. On their wellness retreat, they’re looking to learn something new. They’d prefer wellness retreats that are secluded, in nature. Indulge in activities like nature walks, sunset trails and workshops that build resilience and intuition.
Location Preference: Sunset trails at Scottish Highlands

Indulge this summer and head off to your favorite wellness retreat to rediscover yourself.

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