Aerial Yoga

Looking For A New Workout To Try? Add Aerial Yoga To The Mix! 

If I was to explain aerial yoga in simple language, it is traditional yoga postures combined with silks suspended from the ceiling that bring to you a more graceful workout. Aerial yoga and fitness as a concept is a relatively new one but it has evolved into aerial fitness as it involves—routines, stretches, strength training, and drills—much like any other fitness workout, thus providing you with a complete fitness routine.

All you have to do is sink yourself into these silks as a meditative session. If you are looking to make it a holistic routine, then adding sound healing or singing bowl meditation using the silks is another trend that is gaining a lot of momentum. The silks, in this case, act as a medium to enhance the sound providing a more relaxing and healing environment. 

aerial yoga


Aerial fitness is for everyone, doesn’t matter what age or gender you belong to. It is, however, important to practice under the guidance of a trained and certified aerial instructor as this practice involves a special training that teaches how to instruct, how to guide students into various postures and safety measures of the equipment. 

In my fair share of experience I have had people who were initially weary of the whole concept— “Looks interesting, but I am scared to do it,” “I don’t think I have good upper body strength,” or the biggest concern was always “what if I fall?” But one thing I can assure you is aerial yoga helps you get over your fears, and it does help build upper body strength.

No first-timer walks into the class as an expert but the more you practice aerial fitness and train the more you condition your muscles class after class. The confidence boost you get after a class is high—to know that you have pushed yourself and done something you thought was impossible for you. 

Disclaimer: People with high BP, vertigo or who are pregnant should avoid the practice. 

Aerial yoga


Aerial classes are a mix of warm-ups, strength training & conditioning, different aerial postures, and a relaxing cool-down. The silks provide support for many postures which one may find difficult to perform on the mat. Inversions are difficult for many people as it requires upper body and core strength, but with the help of the hammock, inversions are a part of the warm-up routine in every class. Here are some of the key benefits that you get from this practice: 

  1. Enhanced flexibility 

Aerial Yoga offers a greater range of motion compared to traditional yoga. The silk provides support thereby deepening the stretch leading to increased flexibility 

  1. Improved strength

Aerial yoga requires a lot of upper body strength. You need to pull your body weight up and down the silks. This helps build strength in the core, arms and legs. 

  1. Decompresses the spine

Simple inversions on the silk help to elongate the spine without any pressure on the back.

aerial yoga
  1. Relieves stress

Like any form of exercise, aerial yoga helps to elevate one’s mood and reduce stress levels. The gentle motion of the silk and weightlessness calms the mind and reduces tension. 

  1. Glowing skin 

In aerial yoga, you are antigravity, so this helps in increasing blood circulation to the face, thus, giving your skin a natural and healthy glow. 

A boost in confidence and improvement in motor skills are just some of the additional benefits that follow. 

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