Looking to cop Deepika Padukone’s flawless look from Fighter? Here we get Deepika Padukone herself to tell us all about it 

Deepika Padukone, hosted a special screening of her latest movie, Fighter (which is running in cinemas now) for her beloved 82E beauty community and no points for guessing, we were there and managed to get her to spill some beans on her beauty rituals, skincare secrets, the success of the movie and HOW can we get that flawless DP glow?! 

In a warm candid conversation, she tells us all about it. Are you taking notes? 

Deepika Padukone

Firstly, how do you manage to do it all in 24 hours?

Deepika Padukone: “I distribute my time well and I prioritise that. Maybe, it’s the athlete in me. My husband, sometimes, says that you are too structured, you are too disciplined and honestly, leisure is something I have learned from him. And I have come to realise that leisure also forms a part of that triangle of balance.”

What does balance stand for in DP’s life?  

DP: “There is self care: which is almost structured, regimented. You know you have to make time for it. Then there is leisure where it’s more instinctive, intuitive and then there is productivity, which most of us spend our time doing. We feel like we need to be productive, we have all been brought up that way where you have to be productive and you cannot waste this precious time. And all these three things are connected. To be productive, you also need to take care of yourself, you need to have your moments of leisure and that’s how you achieve balance. I have always spoken about balance in everything in my life, whether it’s how I use my time, whether it’s my diet or exercise, I don’t opt for anything extreme, no extreme diets or routines and I think that’s how I am able to do what all I do.” 

How important is self care to you? 

DP: “For me, it has always been about striking that balance and maintaining that discipline. But one thing we often forget is doing it without guilt. Something that I strongly believe in — doing is one thing and doing it without guilt is also very important. I think as women we do end up feeling guilty and probably more than I do because it’s so ingrained in us to put other people before ourselves. When you take that time for yourself, you start feeling how can I do something for myself? What about my parents? What about my siblings? What about my husband? What about my children? What about my friends? But it’s okay! You also have to take care of yourself and only then will you be able to take care of the people around you.”

How do you manage to get those small pockets of me-time in a day? 

DP: “It could be any small moments that bring joy to you. For me, I wake up, do my morning skincare ritual, have my breakfast, get those endorphins running with a workout and then start with my work. These small moments bring joy to me before I start my day. 

For weekends, it is the latter part of the day which can be just watching something or going for a stroll. I don’t have to do it but I like to do it. That is my leisure time.” 

What is your idea of unwinding? 

DP: “Reading, listening to music or watching something because I feel like that transports you into another world. We are so caught up all the time that I feel like sometimes when I  watch something is the only time I am able to take my mind away but again, how many of us can actually sit in silence?”

You have shot under extreme weather conditions during the movie. What was your skin care routine like? 

DP: “My skincare routine and mantra has always been ‘keep it simple’—since I was a young girl. When you are young, your first skincare routine comes from your mother or you learn from your friends. For me, it was my mother and her mantra was always to keep it simple—you don’t need to do too many things, you don’t need to complicate it. I think that’s what I have taken with me.  I have been in the film industry for 16 years, I was always an athlete, I started as a model and then my journey as an actor began. But through all these years, one thing that remained constant was my skincare routine: cleanse, hydrate and protect. So even today, irrespective of what movie I am doing, my skincare routine is exactly that. I wake up in the morning  and I cleanse, hydrate and protect my skin.” 

Deepika Padukone Lotus Splash
Lotus Splash

LR: What 82E products will we always find on your vanity? 

Now depending on the weather my routine changes. My skin type is normal-to-dry, so Patchouli Glow is what works for my skin the best. If I am shooting the song sequences, and when it is hot and humid then I use the Turmeric Shield with Ashwagandha Bounce. But when we started shooting Fighter in 2022, we had just launched 82E and I had gone to Assam so there I was using Ashwagandha Bounce and Patchouli Glow because it’s an oil-based sunscreen, and of course Lotus splash is the cleanser that I love.”

Can you tell us a little more about your newly launched ‘Bath & Body’ range? 

DP: “Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and now with the Bath & Body range, it just feels complete, you now have 82E for everything. It’s also been a part of us listening to our consumers and what they were looking forward to. So, it’s a combination of what we felt instinctively VS what our community has been telling us and here we are!”

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