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4 Beauty Trends That Have The Gen Z’s Approval

The beauty market is currently at its peak, and even though we are saturated with new entrants and trends every day, none of it goes unseen. I’d be lying if I said those latest additions on Sephora aisles don’t end up in my vanity—I see it, I like it, I try it, I buy it! (guilty as charged). More so than hoarding beauty products it’s the curiosity and the social media scrolling that fills up the Gen Z vanity kits, and more than following trends we believe in creating them.

The beauty industry is at an all-time high, and the advent of the newer generation has redefined the means of beauty. When I kickstarted my journey in the industry I struggled to figure out the right way to crack those makeup codes, only to later realise that there was no way, because your way is the only way. 

After a few years of observing and trying out new beauty products, I came to a happy realisation that your makeup will always be an extension of your personality and that is how I cracked the code. But having said that, Gen Z sure is responsible for causing major shifts in the beauty industry and being an avid observer of global trends, if I were to list down some Gen Z makeup trends that got me hooked, then these would be my top choices. 

Gen Z Makeup Trends


Gen Z makeup trends

If I were to choose a tagline for myself it would definitely read ‘minimalist at heart.’ Hence, the latest inclination towards the ‘soft glam’ trend is one of my top picks. As opposed to the full glam and over-the-top makeup look, soft glam gives you a breather from the heavy application and basically allows you to do your thing. It is still glam but subtle, soft, and minimal as its keywords. Imagine a full face makeup, but make it neutral, lighter and calmer. It’s almost as if changing the palette from darker hues and moving to pastels. I have always been a soft glam person as I believe it keeps the overall look balanced between your outfit and your makeup. 


coloured eyeliner
Coloured Eyeliner

As much as I like to follow the ‘no makeup makeup’ look I always feel your liner can make or break a look. Liners are no longer just winged or black swipe across the eyelids and that is what caught my eye (literally). Thin geometric and graphic shapes are replacing the traditional ‘winged’ liner and colour play is replacing the basic blacks. This adds a certain fun element to the entire look. For me, it is a no-brainer, because even if I’m not in the mood to do a full face, just a holographic liner or a tiny twist to the same does it for me. 


Gen z makeup trends sunset blush trend

Let’s just say if I were to choose one makeup product I can’t do without, it would be a blush. I feel blushes have the power to hold a look together and the viral ‘sunset blush’ trend ticks all the boxes here. It is exactly how it sounds and with summer at its peak, this one here steps in as a hero. Sunset blush is a pop of extra colour alongside shimmer peeping through. Imagine dabbing your tint towards your temples and layering it with a drop of your favourite highlighter on top. It sure contradicts the ‘natural’ approach but boy does it uplift a look. If you’re planning a beach vacation, this trend deserves a ride along. 


Gen z beauty trends

Lipsticks, again, are a game changer, but what actually changed the game for me was the change in application. After applying my lipsticks the traditional way, I stumbled across the dab and buff technique, and to say the least, I no longer use the wand. All it takes is to tap some of that liquid lipstick on your lips and dab/buff it instead of spreading it. This way it dials down the intensity of the colour and keeps the tone muted no matter the shade, plus it is more long-lasting than the traditional swipe. 

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