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Have You Been Seeing Blue Eyes Everywhere, Too? Here, We Give You All The Deets On This New Beauty Trend 

Being a fashion stylist, I am always on the hunt for new fashion and beauty trends. That is when I first stumbled upon the ‘Blue Makeup Trend’, I was quite intrigued and all I could think about was the ‘electric blue eyes’ and when scrolling for inspiration, it struck me—Lily Collins popularly known as ‘Emily Cooper’ from the Netflix show ‘Emily in Paris’, did a turquoise blue eyeshadow which was paired with a bold orange-red lipstick and a shimmery black pinstripe suit. And? It looked absolutely stunning. Collins— who is known for her striking and chic makeup looks—embraced the trend not once, but many times. 

Pinterest reports also claim that ‘blue beauty’ is trending with a remarkable surge in blue makeup-related search queries. Gen Z & Millennials are searching for terms like ‘blue glam makeup’, and ‘pastel blue eyeshadow’. Clearly, this trend from the 90s is making a strong comeback and people can be seen experimenting with their makeup looks with rhinestones, cat eye, and blue liner (inspired by Maddy Perez from the show ‘Euphoria’).  Blue makeup has also had a loyal following from celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Kriti Sanon, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid. 

Blue eyeliner

So, we get Saikat Chakraborty, M.A.C Cosmetics’ newly appointed National artist to give us some cool hacks to incorporate this trend. “You can play with your eyes, you can do liners, glitter, shadows, Euphoria-esque makeup and so much more without making it like a blue patch on your face. But, at the same time the secret lies in how best you can accentuate the features and complement your skin tone,” he says. Here, he tells us 4 ways you can make this trend your own. Keep reading for some tips and tricks. 

Saikat Chakraborty (National Artist, M.A.C Cosmetics India)


1.Electric Blue Lashes  

If you are a minimalist and looking for ways to amp up the look, then blue lashes are your best bet. Blue mascara with muted eyes and nothing else—just plain blue mascara can do wonders to your look,” says Chakraborty

Pair with: “Ideally, if you are going all out with your eyes, you play the lips down because you want people to focus on one thing and not everything at the same time. If you are wearing blue mascara, you want all eyes on your eyes!” he suggests. Keep the lips as muted as possible, opt for a colour that’s close to your skin like a nude pink. Mehr from M.A.C Cosmetics is a shade you can go for and you can top it with a little gloss. 

Blue mascara

2. Dreamy Blue Smokey Eye 

If you really want your blue smokey eyes to stand out, the best way to do it is to use a pencil first as a base all over the eye and then go in with the eyeshadow. This way you already have a lot of colour going on and you basically add the eyeshadow to diffuse it,” explains Chakraborty. 

Pair with: “The approach towards any smokey eye is to always have a clean base. Make sure your undereyes are concealed, and have a full base on,” he adds. 

blue smokey eye

3. Sleek Blue Eyeliner 

According to Chakraborty, when it comes to eyeliners, a sharp blue eyeliner or a smokey blue eyeliner is what you can play with. “Something like the M.A.C Color Excess Eye Pencils are great for it. They don’t budge and are long-lasting,” he suggests. 

Pair with: If you are going sleek with the eyes, then opt for a pink gloss on the lips. It brings the whole look together and looks very sophisticated. 

blue eyeliner

4. The Blue Waterline Effect

Another way would be to simply just do it on your waterline. “Any eye makeup, however you want it to look,  the waterline adds a lot of depth to your overall look. You can pick a deep shade of blue or different shades of blue like denim blue, ocean, turquoise blue, or even a classic pop blue as well,” says Chakraborty. 

Pair with: If you want to go all out and wild, pair it with blue lipstick. “You can ofcourse opt for it but from a more holistic and wearable point of view,” he says. 

blue makeup trend


“Choosing the right blues is also important. Depending on whether you are on the lighter side or the deeper side, you can choose your blues accordingly,” suggests Chakraborty. If you want your blues to show, you can go for an electric shade of blue as it will pop a lot more. If you want a more subtle look, use a pastel blue eyeliner, keep it sleek or go in for a nice smokey eye in a deeper shade of blue. If you have a lighter skin tone, play with colours like turquoise or sea blue, 

According to Chakraborty, denim blue, cobalt blue, indigo blue, turquoise, cyan, tiffany blue, are all the colours you can play with. “Sometimes you can also do a gradation of colours. I remember seeing so many fun looks at ‘Lollapalooza’ this time. I saw so many people sporting different kinds of eye makeup and they all looked so lovely,” he says. 


  • There are no rules to makeup so go all out or keep it as minimal as you want 
  • When wearing blue on your eyes, blush plays a very important role. Opt for a coral shade, as it will pop better against the blue compared to a pink or red-hued blush. 
  • Keep the skin as minimal as you can—foundation, concealer, powder— that you usually do but make sure you don’t go overboard with the concealer and coverage. 

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For more inspiration on blue eyeshadow or the blue makeup trend, check out our Pinterest page!

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