Nauheed Cyrusi on her reel VS real personality, go-to beauty rituals, and her love for dogs 

In the realm of beauty influencers, where glamour often overshadows genuineness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nauheed Cyrusi, a refreshing example of authenticity. Best known for her iconic portrayal as the ethereal ‘Piya Basantigirl, Cryusi transcends the boundaries of traditional celebrity roles, seamlessly transitioning into a multifaceted career as a model, actor, and award-winning beauty influencer.

Unlike the stereotypical influencer who merely poses with products, she approaches her role with sincerity, delving into the intricacies of each item like a seasoned beauty editor. Her genuine enthusiasm and honest reviews resonate deeply with her community, fostering a sense of trust and connection.

Despite her status as a sought-after beauty influencer, Cyrusi remains grounded and authentic, effortlessly charming her audience with her infectious smile and easy wit. Her content exudes both glitz and relatability, creating a harmonious blend that keeps her followers captivated and engaged.

And for us, she embodies the spirit of Lavenderoom—a symbol of resilience and honesty. Through her unwavering transparency and willingness to share her journey, she inspires others to embrace their authenticity and pursue their passions fearlessly.

So let’s deep dive into Nauheed Cyrusi’s universe of beauty, where honesty and genuine connections reign supreme.


On what beauty means to her

“My definition of beauty changed over the years but I truly believe that when we start thinking about beauty the first thing we think about is the beauty on the outside. Beauty, however, is skin deep where one can be the most gorgeous person on the outside but if the outside doesn’t match the inside then it never really translates. I believe that kindness, compassion and just purely being content is beauty.”

On what compliment makes her feel beautiful 

“When someone tells me, I am kind.”

On her social media journey

I think it happened in the Covid-19 lockdown, because all the actors were pretty much out of a job. It was my friend Mahtab who kept telling me to just post one video and I wasn’t really confident. I remember thinking why would people want to see what I am doing and it just struck me — as an actor, we were always taught to gatekeep all our makeup secrets and that’s the one thing I wasn’t going to do. The more I watched Youtube and Instagram, I realised that’s exactly what influencers do, they don’t gate keep and voila! I started there and it just sort of snowballed from there.” 

On her reel & real personality 

“I may come across as such an extroverted person and a very social person but I genuinely thrive in calm and solitude. Many won’t believe it but that’s true.”

On her one tip to content creators 

“The only tip I would give is — because I received no tips — to trust your gut. Do not listen to anybody else and just be authentic.”


On finding the right balance 

“I don’t balance, I struggle through it. I bounce from event to event and I struggle through it. I also feel like the older I am getting, the more I am realising the power of saying ‘no’. I recently also read somewhere that ‘No is a complete sentence’ so we must use it a lot more.” 

On her toughest time in life 

“I think it was when my dad passed away. I don’t think I have ever dealt with it entirely and I don’t think I ever will. It’s just that everyday is one more day without his presence. I really don’t think you get over a loved one passing away.”

On how she manages to stay positive and cheerful on social media

“I actually don’t stay positive or cheerful through tough times. I go into a cocoon and that’s my way of dealing with it. To be frank, I don’t mind putting it out there but I just feel like you are just attracting unnecessary hate. The one thing I have learned on the internet — everybody loves to just spread a lot of hate and it’s a pointless exercise to get attention. The one thing I would never do is to feed into that attention so I just cocoon myself.”


On how she recharges herself 

“What recharges me is genuinely getting away from the city. I think this content creation as a job is very overwhelming, so I steer clear the minute I feel like it’s way too much. I  actually run away, even if it’s just for a night and I come back feeling very refreshed.” 

On her love for dogs 

“I think dogs are the most beautiful creatures that have ever been created. I think they were also created for a specific reason and that is to take care of us. It’s very sad that we, as humans, sort of abuse every single thing that brings us the most joy. I feel like half of our country has not been taught better and we just do not teach kindness or compassion in our schools. I really wish somebody in power would take a stand and start teaching people how to really care for every living being on this planet. It’s just not fair the way we treat our animals and I think dogs are the best.  The joy and the love they give you, nothing will ever match up to that.”

Nauheed cyrusi

On what a typical day looks like for her 

“Right now, in the whole content creation frenzy — I am always researching, watching, and I feel like I am definitely going to change that in 2024. I used to be an avid reader so I want to be able to read more and today, I can’t even concentrate on one book anymore. I feel that is my biggest regret. Today, technology has completely taken over and I don’t like it personally.I really value family time, chilling with doggies, going out of town and spending time with my family and friends.”

On her secret to glowing skin 

“I would have to say genetics play a big part but I truly also believe, a lot of it has to do with the fact that you must take care of your skin (that goes without saying) and I always feel: the cleaner the soul, the cleaner the skin.”

Nauheed cyrusi

On her recent beauty finds 

“There are so many brands that I have discovered over the past few years and so many of them are great Indian brands: Dot & Key & Foxtale are just fabulous. There are so many more brands I would like to mention. I really feel like right now is the best time for the beauty industry because technology is helping us bridge a lot of gaps. The use of technology and international ingredients has become so much easier for Indian brands and that’s why we are here creating quality products.” 

On her go-to fragrance she can’t do without 

I have so many go-to fragrances off late but I really think “Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia” is a lovely one. I think “Alien by Thierry Mugler” is great, too. So, these two come to the top of my head right now.”

On a beauty hack that has been a gamechanger for her 

“Less is more for sure and don’t fall for trends. A product that can work for somebody may absolutely not work for you even though it is the most hyped-up product.”


On her AM routine

“One thing I definitely do every morning is “I do not use face wash”, I just wash my face with  normal water and I think that has been a game changer for me. I still moisturise but I do not strip my skin off its natural oils, the first thing in the morning.” 

On her PM routine 

“My night time skin care routine keeps changing since I have the privilege of testing out so many products and sometimes they work like magic. I always lather my face and body with a lot of moisturiser so I wake up moisturised and hydrated especially because we tend to sleep in ACs which is so dehydrating. I have also recently rediscovered the beauty of the Sulwhasoo overnight mask, it’s just such a beautiful product that has become a staple in my PM routine.” 

On what advice will she give her 20-year-old self

I was such a cool 20 year old, I feel like I need to give my 40 year old self some advice. I would like to thank the 20 year-old Nauheed for being so daring and giving into experiences that I today would probably say no to. I know 20 year-old Nauheed would definitely ask me to keep going and take on the world with no fear.” 

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