The Gen Z-favourite beauty brands that need to be on your radar

To say that the current beauty industry has become overwhelming would be an understatement; with a myriad of skin and hair care and makeup brands making their way into this already-flooded market on a daily basis, users are certainly left spoilt for choices but also majorly perplexed. Even as a beauty writer, as much as I love the diverse assortment that is at the Indian consumer’s disposal today, at times, I find it overwhelming to wrap my head around the many trays of products lying on my beauty shelf. 

While my job does bestow me with access to superfluous beauty products to test and review, a mandatory precursor is to play the pick-and-choose game. After all, I can’t be committing to three different niacinamide serums at once, right? So then what encourages my decision, you ask? A bunch of factors — ingredients (and their concentration), textures, formulation, brand story, product development journey and, of course, packaging. As someone from the Gen Z bracket, I can tell that tall clickbait-y claims just won’t make the cut; my generation is always looking for that hook to actually connect with a brand which can be through the various aforementioned factors. Below are some of my favourite brands that have truly excited the Gen Z in me over and over again.  

FAE Beauty: FAE Beauty has been around for a while and the one principle that I have noticed to remain constant across their launches is the consumer-first approach. Whether it’s their cult SPF Juice that ticks all the right boxes or the launch of their 2-in-1 Brash in response to the demand for multitasking products, FAE has continually delivered. From convenience and experience to aesthetics and pocket-friendliness, FAE has done everything right to “vibe” with Gen Z. 

I recommend: SPF Juice

d’you: If there’s one thing I’ve always picked up from all my conversations with Shamika Haldipurkar, the founder of d’you, it is the emphasis that she places on quality and user experience. d’you takes the time to work on a solid product instead of releasing a new drop every month, which kind of reflects the research and trials that go into the making of their products. Don’t let the cute pastel-themed packaging fool you, the formulas that lie inside our hard-working, promising and result-oriented. 

I recommend: Good Grease

Rare Beauty: In a world where celebrity beauty brands are having a tough time winning a loyal consumer base, it’s fair to say that Rare Beauty has cracked the code. Selena Gomez’s makeup line easily passes as one of the most successful beauty brands globally at present and the reasons are fairly simple — uber-aesthetic packaging, diversity (in shades), high-quality products and a price that doesn’t burn a literal hole in the pocket. Each of Rare Beauty’s offerings may not be at par with professional makeup standards, however, the ease of use makes it an absolute favourite of the Gen Z in me, especially when I’m on the go. 

I recommend: Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer and Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush

The Ordinary: I believe that The Ordinary will always have the first-mover advantage when it comes to ingredient-led skincare. Not only did the brand make skincare ingredients mainstream, but the range of formulations—basic to complex—also drove the curious and forward Gen Z to adapt to the culture. I may not have had a hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid serum when I was 17, but today, most 17-year-olds have already established a relationship with actives, and The Ordinary has a major role to play. I like that everything about the product is exhibited on its label, so you know exactly what to expect. 

I recommend: Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

e.l.f Cosmetics: What’s not to love about e.l.f Cosmetics? And, if you’re a Gen Z, it’s a literal candy shop for you. From blush sticks and juicy lip balms to the classic Putty Primer and clear lash/brow gel, so many of my staples are from e.l.f Cosmetics. It’s the promising wear, super economical prices and variety of makeup and skincare products that make e.l.f Cosmetics a winning candidate on this list.

I recommend: Camo CC CreamRide or Die Lip Balm and Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

Unintrptd: Launched very recently by Simran Agarwal, unitrptd beauty managed to secure a spot on the list rather soon, I’d say. The brand may not have kickstarted its journey with revolutionary products, but the quality and packaging play a key role in piquing the interest of Gen Z. With diverse nude liquid lipsticks and pretty liquid blushes packaged in frosted tubes with neon and lilac toppers, the quirky and edgy voice of the brand has already helped them score some points.

I recommend: Soft Flush Liquid Blush in Spring Fling


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