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#WomensDay2024 Gifting Guide, According to Your Zodiac Sign 

With Women’s Day coming up, it’s time to pamper yourself and the women in your life you love. And we are here to make that job easy for you, by sharing recommendations that will work for one & all. If you are confused about what to pick, just go with this guide that will help you pick something as per the zodiac sign. Don’t forget to save this and let us know what you’re picking for your bestie!


  1. ARIES
    The Aries woman is fiery, full of passion and sensation. While she might be a little bit hot tempered, she’s the one who is most thoughtful and will go out of her way to make you comfortable and to make you feel warm and cherished. She’s just, powerful and goes after her dreams zealously. 

The Perfect Gift For an Aries Woman: Get her something that resembles her fiery spirit. We would get her a vintage chess set, something that’s warm and yet allows her to sharpen her intellect. It’s the perfect gift and allows her to challenge herself and grow even further. 

    Beautiful, patient and stable — the perfect alchemy of these three qualities is what makes the Taurus woman unique. Surrounded by opulent luxury, she’s always able to shine through and make her presence felt. She’s able to balance everything easily and is so grounded, often holding space for the other people around her to shine. She values the community and the familial bonds that tie her, often putting her in the position of a matriarch. 

The Perfect Gift for a Taurus Woman: A luxurious dinner set for her to invite her family and to serve them their favorite meals and celebrate achievements, no matter how big or small. It’s a perfect women’s day gift idea to give your mom, your bestie or any important woman in your life. 

    Known for keeping you on your toes, the Gemini woman is vibrant and dynamic. She’s often got two opposing thoughts dueling in her head and she’s keen to follow both of them, leaving others to admire her abilities to juggle more than one thing at once. Extremely friendly and talkative, she makes friends really easily. 

The Perfect Gift for a Gemini Woman: A getaway that combines two or more of her interests. Think like a beautiful escape in the hills filled with sunrise hikes and a literature/ writing festival. Find gifts that stimulate her mind, her body and her soul. 

    The Cancer woman is the heart and soul of families, of friend circles. She’s highly intuitive and ensures that everyone is heard, everyone is looked after. She often intuitively knows what the other person needs and works hard to provide a warm and nurturing environment for others to thrive. Due to her intuitive abilities, she often carries the stress of others and takes on their energies. 

A Perfect Gift for a Cancer Woman: A perfect women’s day gift idea for cancer would be a wellness box filled with healing teas, essential oils and crystals. This would allow her to heal herself and others and connect deeply with her intuition.

  1. LEO
    Ruled by the Sun, the Leo woman is charismatic and powerful. She is the epitome of confidence, creativity and holds a regal aura that attracts everyone to her. She’s known for her generosity and often loves to shower others with gifts, especially those she has a close bond with. 

A Perfect Gift for a Leo Woman: As someone who needs to be emotionally fulfilled from everything she does, a commissioned artwork for her is the perfect gift for her. Something to remind her of her emotions and her WHY is the perfect gift for such a regal and charismatic personality. 

  1. VIRGO
    An intellect like no other, meticulous and intelligence all wrapped up in a neatly tied beautiful package is the Virgo woman. She’s the planner, the perfectionist and a health freak. She’s the one accepting you wholeheartedly and yet nudging you towards the best decision. A Virgo woman is the best friend you always wanted. 

A Perfect Gift for a Virgo Woman: A beautiful collection of books, books that inspire her to be better and to do better. A book collection would combine her intellect and inspire her to do better, nudging her towards creating a better collective. 

  1. LIBRA
    Ruled by Venus, a Libra woman definitely appreciates all the finer things in life. She has a keen eye for all things pretty. She loves creating harmony and balance in her surroundings and works towards that. She shines in a social setting with her diplomacy, wit and innate charm — somethings that sure to draw a crowd towards her. 

A Perfect Gift for a Libra Woman: For a Libra woman, get her the finer things in life. A luxurious stationery set personalized with her initials is a perfect women’s day gift idea for you to bring her. Choose something with a really high paper quality and a design that reflects her style.

    Ruled by the transformative power of Pluto, she embodies passion, determination and a deep emotional reservoir. She’s known for her magnetic personality, drawing people to her. Her innate ability to understand emotions and intuitive undercurrents, makes her able to understand relationships and offer the best advice on relationships. 

A Perfect Gift for a Scorpio Woman: Given her intuitive powers, a workshop allows her to delve deeper into the subconscious mind, learning more about witchcraft. Allowing her to learn something new and expand her horizons would be the most perfect gift for her. 

    An adventurous spirit, under the leadership of the Archer, brings forth her love for travel and the various possibilities that life has to offer. Her vibrant and vivacious personality often leads her down the path of unique experiences. Her restless spirit drives her towards constant growth and exploration, allowing her to expand and be free. 

A Perfect Gift for A Sagittarius Woman: For someone who loves to travel and explore as much as she does — a Personalized Travel Adventure Journal is the most ideal gift. It allows her to share her learnings and pushes her to explore more. 

    Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn woman is disciplined, goal oriented and is gifted with impeccable work ethic. She’s the one coming up with all the solutions and figuring out how to get you out of a soup — one of the most dependable friends that you can have. With her deep sense of community, she’s often looking for ways to help others & give back to the community. 

A Perfect Gift for A Capricorn Woman: A luxury timepiece — something that’s practical and yet showcases that you value the efforts she puts in. For her, less is more — go for something subtle and understated. 

    An Aquarius woman is a breath of fresh air — she challenges the status quo with her innovation and creativity. She’s most often ahead of her times and shines when her individuality and creativity is celebrated. She’s committed towards making the world a better place through her friendships. 

A Perfect Gift for an Aquarius Woman: The Aquarius Woman thrives on technology that’s new and innovative — your best bet is gifting her a smart gadget or a piece of wearable technology. She will love it. 

    A Piscean woman is the embodiment of empathy, creativity and intuition. The two fish swimming in opposite directions showcase that they can often balance multiple things and are multi passionate individuals. Pisces women are dreamy and mystical and love expressing themselves through various forms of art, poetry and all things mystical. 

A Perfect GIft for a Pisces Woman: A Pisces woman is very aware of surroundings — inside & outside. A perfect women’s day gift idea for her would be a creative retreat, where she’s spending time with like minded individuals and yet satiating her own creative desires. 

Here’s a complete gifting guide for women of all Zodiac signs — do you agree with yours? Comment below, and do let us know some other fun options that you’d like to receive as gifts. 

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