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5 Green Flags to Be in a Relationship with Your Skin

I am a dermatologist by profession and passion. It has been 19 years of learning and unlearning exciting new facts about skincare in my profession. I see patients daily struggling with their skin concerns and routines. At times, despite all their efforts, nothing seems to work to get that elusive glow aka healthy skin. The most important thing I personally have realised and learnt is that skincare is similar to brushing your teeth or having a daily bath. It should be a habit that you do daily, religiously no matter how exhausted you are to maintain a great, healthy skin. 

Embarking on a journey toward healthier, more radiant skin is like fostering a beautiful friendship—with consistency, understanding, and a touch of self-love. Let’s delve into the secrets of skincare and embrace a routine that not only nurtures your skin but also enhances your overall well-being.

#1 The Luminosity of Regular Hydration

Picture your skin as a glowing canvas, with hydration as the vibrant brushstroke that animates it. A sign of successful skincare is the glow that comes from consistent hydration. When your skin feels soft and lively, it indicates that you’ve achieved the perfect balance of moisture. Include hydration powerhouses like ceramides and lipids in your routine.

#2 The Balance of Uniform Skin Tone

A clear sign of a thriving skincare bond is the balance of an even skin tone. It’s the harmonious tune that resonates when your skincare routine effectively tackles issues like hyperpigmentation and redness. An even complexion is achieved when the symphony of Vitamin C, azelaic acid and tranexamic acid is orchestrated to the routine.

#3 The Cadence of Soft Texture

Visualize your skin as a gentle melody that hums at the touch. A subtle hint of successful skincare is the cadence of a soft texture. Regular exfoliation, powered by alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), ensures that your skin’s surface is a finely tuned instrument. Smoothness is more than just a feeling—it’s the outcome of a balanced skincare routine that hits the right notes for rejuvenation and texture refinement.

#4 The Melody of Reduced Pores 

Pores, like tiny notes on a musical score, are essential. A positive sign is when your skincare routine composes a melody of reduced pores. Salicylic acid takes the lead here, keeping those pores clear and minimizing their visibility. Let your skincare routine hum the tune of clarity, allowing your skin’s natural beauty to shine through.

#5 The Calmness of Irritation-Free Skin

In the symphony of skincare, calmness is paramount. A green flag waves when your skin experiences no sensitivity or irritation. It’s the calmness that comes from choosing gentle formulations and patch-testing new products. A skincare routine that soothes rather than disrupts ensures that your skin feels like a peaceful melody, not a discordant note.

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