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Lavenderoom’s Fragrant Friday: Introducing Kastoor’s Modern Ittars

Relive the enchantment of Fragrant Friday as Lavenderoom takes you on a sensory voyage through the captivating realm of modern ittars. Curated and hosted by Lavenderoom, this exclusive event, held recently, offered guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of scents, stories, and memories while introducing Esha Tiwari and her exquisite ittars to beauty enthusiasts.

Exploring India’s Fragrant Heritage With Kastoor

Set against the backdrop of Donna Deli Bombay, the event unfolded as a celebration of Indian perfumery traditions and the art of slow living embodied by Kastoor. Upon arrival, attendees were greeted by the subtle aroma of Petrichor emanating from mud cups (kulhads), serving as a gentle introduction to the sensory journey that lay ahead. Adorned with notes on self-love and mindful living, the kulhads provided a tactile connection to nature, inviting guests to embrace the essence of Kastoor’s philosophy.

Guided by Tiwari’s expertise, guests embarked on a discovery of India’s fragrant heritage, encountering six star ingredients renowned for their complexity and rarity. From the rich depths of real Oudh to the delicate nuances of saffron and vetiver, each ingredient unveiled a tapestry of scent, captivating the senses and inspiring newfound appreciation.

Amidst the fragrant ambiance of Gulaabs and Jasmine, attendees were invited to explore Lavenderoom’s exclusive blends, from timeless classics to innovative new launches. The space buzzed with excitement as guests engaged in interactive discussions, sharing memories and stories inspired by the evocative scents that surrounded them.

As Fragrant Friday drew to a close, attendees departed with hearts full of inspiration and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of scent. 

At Lavenderoom it is our endeavour to bridge the gap between the brand and the audience and create immersive experiences for our community. To be part of our next experiences, join our community.


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