Esha Tiwari, Founder of Kastoor on modern ittars, building a perfume brand and why her heart will always belong to woody scents. 

You can smell the success!

Ittars have always belonged to us. It goes back to 500 years ago when ittars were used by royalty, and the queens would not get enough of them. Today, however, ittars aren’t considered the same anymore. What we see today is a very different world of scents. It is more international and has more to do with the brand you are wearing than the scent. But this world of ittars is charismatic and one that you should definitely indulge in. All it needs is a contemporary edge and done in a way where it complements the modern world. Enter Esha Tiwari, founder of Kastoor, who is doing exactly that and bridging this gap with ‘modern ittars’ that are created to suit the modern scent sensibilities while also paying homage to our history and culture.  

Here, she speaks to Lavenderoom on reinventing this purest art of perfumery for the modern world.

On a typical day in her life…

“My day is a whirlwind of chaos and unpredictability. While I have a few constants, the timing of my tasks varies based on the day’s demands. Mornings are my sanctuary, filled with cuddles with my dog, coffee, and sometimes catching up on a series. The early hours, from 6 to 11 AM, are my most productive. There are no distractions, making it the perfect time to tackle pending tasks.”

On unwinding and striking a balance…

“Achieving a work-life balance is challenging, especially when you’re passionate about your work. While I don’t have fixed working hours, I ensure I make time for things that nourish my soul, like reading, writing, and spending time with loved ones. These moments of disconnect help me recharge.” 

On her favourite content creators and who inspires her… 

“I follow diverse creators, from writers to entrepreneurs and artists. However, I’m also mindful of my consumption. It’s essential to strike a balance and avoid getting lost in endless scrolling.”

On a serendipitous moment that reaffirmed your path…

Once, after a particularly challenging day, I found a Kastoor visiting card on the ground while walking. It might seem trivial to some, but it was a sign for me, a reminder that I was on the right path.”

On scents and which Kastoor fragrance resonates the most with her…

“My favourite is “Rain,” a fresh, woody balsamic scent. It’s one of our bestsellers and transports you to a different realm.”

On connecting with her consumers through scents…

“Scent marketing is all about evoking emotions. We focus on the feelings our fragrances elicit, from memories to moods. It’s about the immersive experience a scent provides, not just how it smells.”


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