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Struggling with dark circles? Here, we get a beauty writer to tell us her tried-and-tested picks and hacks 

Dark circles are a common phenomenon within the South Asian community because of our melanin-rich skin. While this is something that is a part of our ancestry and heritage,, we are often admonished for having dark circles and are urged to get rid of them. Addressing dark circles varies for each individual as the cause and the age differ for all. Common causes for dark circles include thick appearance of periorbital veins, hyperpigmentation which can be genetic or caused by allergic reactions, inflammation or eczema and loss of volume and collagen as a result of ageing. For me, personally, the below formulas and hacks have been a gamechanger and helped miraculously. Having said that, all skin types and concerns are different so it is always advised to consult your dermatologist before you start to get the right treatment that works for you.  


Vitamin C is known for brightening the skin and reducing the appearance of dullness and blemishes. It is also an antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative damage. 

Product recommendations: 

Murad Vitamin C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Murad’s Vitamin C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector is a luxe formulation that includes gold stabilized Vitamin C which delivers a higher and more effective antioxidant defense.

dark circles

Dot & Key Vitamin C + E Eye Cream with SPF 30

Dot & Key’s cream for under eye dark circles is the perfect drug store choice and it includes benefits of a sunscreen- SPF 30, along with its brightening benefits which many other under eye creams lack.

Dot & Key

Hyaluronic acid is the ideal ingredient to plump up and hydrate the under-eye area. When used on a regular basis it boosts the collagen and elastin turnover. 

Product recommendation: 

Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Eye Cream

Laneige’s cream for under eye dark circles is one to bookmark, its smooth texture will soften the skin and reduce puffiness, making your eyes look refreshed. 

laneige eye cream

Retinol is a key ingredient in stabilizing pigment producing melanocytes. When used consistently it also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet in the undereye area. 

Product recommendation: 

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Retinol Eye Treatment

Elizabeth Arden’s opulent retinol cream for under eye dark circles will give your under eyes a tighter and firmer appearance while preventing premature ageing. 

cream for under eye dark circles


When it comes to concealing dark circles, many misunderstand the process as just a swipe of concealer when in reality it involves many more nuanced steps. For a full coverage and lasting look, it is important that your under eye makeup routine includes multiple steps starting at skincare and ending at setting powder. 

Step 1: Prep

Most people underestimate the importance of prepping one’s skin, especially the under eye area and often skip this step which leaves the under eye skin dehydrated and dry. Use a lightweight and easily absorbing serum or cream for the under eyes and gently massage it in. Charlotte Tilbury’s Cryo-recovery Eye Serum is the perfect addition to your makeup routine as it instantly cools, de-puffs and smoothens the skins and its metal applicator allows easy application when you’re crunched for time.

dark circles eye serum

Step 2: Colour Correct

Colour corrector is essential to cancel out the discoloration and lessen the perception of hyperpigmentation. This prevents the ash-grey like appearance of concealer in the next step. Your nearest beauty shop will help you find the right shade of colour corrector to cancel out your dark circles. The right way to apply would be with your fingers, prudently dab some on your fingers and blend according to the area wherever required. Bobbi Brown’s Colour Corrector in dark peach helps effortlessly correct dark circles while having the perfect creamy consistency.

bobbi brown

Step 3: Conceal

The king of all steps, concealing! I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of finding the right shade of concealer along with the right consistency and coverage. For deep dark circles a cream-based full coverage concealer with a thicker consistency is ideal. Start by warming up the concealer on your ring finger, so that it seamlessly merges into your skin. Then once the colour corrector is set, slowly dab the warmed-up concealer and gently blend it. Since the concealer is full coverage and thick make sure that the appearance of the concealer is even. NARS’s Soft Matte Complete Concealer is the ideal pick for a full coverage concealer as its rich yet smooth text blends like a dream.

nars concealer

Step 4: Brighten

A step that’s an underdog but works wonders is brightening. Take an under-eye brightener, lightweight tinted moisturiser or light coverage concealer that is a shade lighter than your original concealer and ensure that it has a liquid consistency. Give it five minutes after applying the concealer and using the applicator dab on a couple of small drops of a brightener of choice. Use a small beauty blender to gently blend it out. Rare Beauty’s Positive Light Under Eye Brightener has been my saving grace for this step.

Rare beauty

Step 5: Set 

Setting your concealer with powder is non-negotiable. This final step ensures that all the layers of makeup around the under eyes do not budge and gives you a long lasting and crease-free look. One can use a loose setting powder like Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose powder or Maybelline New York’s Fit Me Matte and Pore less Powder, both hold the concealer in place for hours together while giving the under eyes a pore-free finish.

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