11 Scents to Get Cozy With This Monsoon

Don’t you want to spend rainy days at home with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, or do you want go on a long drive watching the raindrops slide down the windows? Or does the pouring make you cringe at the thought of stepping out to work? Whether you are a pluviophile, who finds joy and peace during rainy days or someone who gets uneasy and low to see the skies turn grey, this is a great time to revamp your fragrance wardrobe.

Pick fragrances with an underlying fresh tone whether citrusy, floral or marine, but firmly bedded in woody and musky notes. Not only do they make you feel cozy in your skin but also ensure that the composition is long-lasting, an important consideration during the rainy days when the fragrance doesn’t linger as long due to humidity.

“Be selective in choosing your base, mid and top notes of the perfume. The higher concentration of oils in eau de parfum rather than eau de toilette ensures that it stays on the skin for longer. But this is no reason or season to give the refreshing colognes a miss, just layer them well because their fresh aqua notes are just what your nose craves for when it’s grey and musty,” advises perfumer Rajiv Sheth, Creative Director of All Good Scents. Look for punchy florals bursting with roses, jasmine, gardenia and magnolia and woodsy notes heavy with cedar, moss, pine and musk. Patchouli, vanilla, frankincense, amber and tonka beans are sensual, warming oriental staples, traditionally reserved for the colder months, but the modern oriental compositions pepped by robust florals combine the best of both the genres, and are just perfect for the rains.

So here’s my pick of season’s best fragrances sure to channel the monsoon vibes…

Lolita Lempicka Lolitaland

Lolita Lempicka Lolitaland, fragrances, lavenderoom, lavender room,

Set your imagination free and like Alice in wonderland, enter the magical world of Lolita Lempika’s latest fragrance created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.  A delicious cocktail of notes that feature bellini, mandarin, timut peppercorns, jasmine, peach, vanilla and white musk, Lolitaland is sparkling fresh and sensually glamorous. If the whimsical vibe is not a reason enough, there is also the cutesy feel of the bottle. For someone who likes fairytales and pretty aesthetics but with a touch of quirkiness, this one is unmissable!

Hermès Un Jardin Sur La Lagune

Hermes Un Jardin Sur La Lagune, lavenderoom, lavender room, monsoon fragrances

Venice’s salty air is also referenced in the fragrance, which is inspired by the exotic flowers in full bloom next to the dreamy Venetian lagoons.  Un Jardin Sur La Lagune – sixth in the Hermès’ Jardin (garden) series – invites the wearer to dream and transcend to a secret garden in Venice, where fragrances seem to come from the sky. The warm and delicate smell of magnolia is the star of this fragrance. During the creative process, perfumer Christine Nagel was besotted by these magnificent white flowers which are perched so high in the trees that you have to literally lift your nose to smell them. It’s as if the smell came from the sky.

 Amouroud Lunar Vetiver

Amouroud Lunar Vetiver, monsoon fragrances. fragranes, lavenderoom

For those who love sophisticated romance and exotic nature, there is no escaping this unisex perfume that has been inspired by the seduction of nightfall. Perfumer Jerome Di Marino tries to capture with aromatic age, night blooming cactus and black vanilla, the magical moment of dusk when the sun and the moon share the sky. A unique concoction is created when Indonesian patchouli with aphrodisiac properties is paired with radiant, airy notes of bergamot, pimento, and pink peppercorn. Exotic tobacco flower and tonka bean add to the sensual dimension of Lunar Vetiver.  When you want to share more than just a kiss with your special someone, try this!

Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Pure, uncomplicated and yet exquisite, that Elizabeth Arden’s newest whiff for you. If regular sweet feminine florals are not your cup of tea, then try this musky-woody floral which is clean, crisp, warm and cocooning. It opens with notes of Italian mandarin infused in the sensual sea breeze accord. The heart of delicate iris, white tea extracts and mellow, leafy mate lies on a base of madras wood, amber and musks. Indulge and spray to feel the expanse of vast skies and cotton-like clouds.

Gucci Bloom Aqua Di Fiori

The intense green scent of galbanum blended with dainty Cassis buds opens a new chapter in the abundant floral universe of Gucci Bloom. This ethereally light yet lingering fragrance captures the essence of Indian tuberose that’s known for its insanely sensual character. The jasmine bud extract obtained through an exclusive method of co-extraction to impart a fresh green and petal scent on the skin keeps the overall feel soft and sophisticated. The star ingredient is the colour-changing Rangoon creeper flower with its mild powdery floral scent.

Truefitt &Hill Apsley Cologne

Gucci Bloom Aqua Di Fiori, lavenderoom, monsoon fragrances,

The perfect blend of spicy, woodsy and citrus, this herbaceous blend effortlessly lifts your spirits on a dull, wet and sultry day. The cooling overtones of vetiver are accentuated by warming notes of pepper, patchouli, cedarwood and musk. Named after the iconic London landmark and former residence of the 1st Duke of Wellington, this cologne has been formulated to ignite the senses with a refined blend of smouldering woods accentuated by light citrus notes.  If this doesn’t spell monsoon mood, what does?

Body Shop Widdringtonia Eau De Parfum

Truefitt &Hill Apsley Cologne

It can’t get earthier than a mash up of Clanwilliam, Cedarwood, bunch full of sage and vetiver. This instantly takes you to the endearing wilderness of South Africa’s Western Cape: a breath of fresh air, blown through the woods. Gentle on the environment, the bottle is crafted from sustainably recycled glass and the cap is made of natural wood. A great scent that refuses to be boxed in gender labels and appeals to both women and men!

Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio Absolu

armanin gio absolu, monsoon fragrances. lavenderoom

The fresh and intense blend of bergamot, mandarin and marine notes brings back memories of a day by the ocean.  At the heart of this masculine fragrance lies a unique mix of geranium, lavender and rosemary. This combination wakes up your senses and helps you get with your day with renewed vigour. That you can’t walk past wearing this fragrance with deep notes of patchouli, labdanum, tonka beands and woods without turning heads, is a bonus!


ck one platinum, lavenderoom,

In keeping with the CK One’s rebellious spirit, this one breaks the rules by combining the warm and cold accords. The fragrance opens with fruity note of crisp green apples spiked with cardamoms. The brew gets spicier in the mid notes with pink pepper, red cinnamon and lavender kicking up an aromatic storm on a base of amber, cashmere woods and vetiver.

Chopard Neroli with Guatemalan Cardamom

Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio Absolu, monsoon fragrances, lavenderoom

It’s amazing how this mellow composition whisper to the skin and yet is heard. The scent represents the magical union of velvety neroli with spicy green of best quality cardamoms sourced from Guatemala. One of the smoothest citrusy compositions in the recent times where each notes blends seamlessly into the other. With its prestige range Maison Des Chopard moves away from the cookie-cutter-perfect-beauty and commits to real and natural ingredients. So if you want a touch of real woods and flowers warming up your skin, this is what you turn to.

All Good Scents Vetiver

The woody, green scent of vetiver is great to brighten up the senses on a damp day. This fragrance by All Good Scents is a modern interpretation of vetiver, and is fresh and earthy. The smoky blend of grapefruit drying down to cedarwood, with an aromatic heart of lavender, nutmeg and Artemisia, makes it a good option for him and her. Personally, I would use this to layer my floral favourites to give them a deep, intense tweak.


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