5 pro hacks to manage monsoon hair

Rains and ‘good hair days’ feel like oxymorons because styling the monsoon hair and keeping it in place is challenging. It’s one of our worst nightmares as hairstylists to have hair flat within minutes of a great blowout, concedes Bianca Louzado, celebrity hair and makeup artist.

Monsoon is the time not to expect and go with the flow. “When it rains, the humid air naturally has more water molecules than dry air, leading to hair strands forming a high number of hydrogen bonds. These bonds cause the hair to fold back and curl or become frizzy,” explains Amit Thakur, celebrity hairstylist. 

Ahead expert-approved pro hacks that will change your monsoon hair game. 

Don’t skip the hairspray

If you wonder why on-screen diva’s hair sways in the breeze while yours gets tangled, the answer lies in the hair spray. More than ever, you need some hairspray and shine spray to hold your hair in place and for that effortlessly chic look where your hair is aesthetically messy. It’s a misconception that hair sprays lead to product buildup and damage. Unless you use copious amounts of the product (which you don’t need), you are fine. A hairspray protects you from the heat of styling products.  

Tie your hair up

Monsoon is not the time to let down your hair; it is the season to tie it up. “Keeping the hair tied in ways can leave you stress-free,” advises Thakur. And that will be far from boring. He recommends combining braids with ponytails or knots to make the hairstyle livelier. Braiding doesn’t apply to only those with long hair; even if your hair is short, twist a few strands and pin it before pulling it together in a ponytail. Experiment with the positions of the knots or braids to go from a casual lunch to a formal evening look. According to Thakur, this simple step can make a world of visual difference.  

Keep your scalp fresh and non-greasy

Wash hair more frequently during this time as the humidity often gives us oily and greasy scalps, making it difficult to hold a blowout. This is in line with grandma’s beauty advice, who would always bug you to wash your hair even if a tiny section got wet in the rain. Besides the frizz, if you get complacent about your scalp, you may end up with scalp sensitivity, warns Saba Bhamla Gaziyani, Style Director, Jean Claude Biguine Salon and Spa.

“In case you don’t have the time to wash it, monsoon is the time to use dry shampoos to keep the grease off,” adds Louzado. 

Avoid hot showers

As tempting as it may be to unwind with a hot shower with the temperature dipping, resist the urge or wear a shower cap. “Hot water can dry out the scalp and also damage your strands. The hair is prone to frizz, and the dehydrated scalp leads to itchiness and irritation,” says Gaziyani. Instead, use lukewarm water settings while going for a head wash. The last rinse with cold water closes the cuticles, which helps tame the frizz further. Another in-shower practice that help is drying the hair using a microfiber towel. “Aside from their fast-drying properties, they are not as rough as other types of towels,” she adds. Finally, use a detangler to comb the knots when the hair is wet, never your regular comb.

Always accessorise 

Bring out those aesthetic hair pins, tassel bun holders and stretch bun rings for touch for relaxed glamour. Consider having fun with crystal claw clips or painted hairpin chopsticks to jazz up a gloomy day. Be a little creative, and keep the accessories in reach to experiment. Louzado gives a thumbs up to messy braids and colourful bandanas. 

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This article first appeared in Vogue


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