How to pick a camera-friendly hairstyle for your wedding reception

The reception is usually the last of the many functions that make up an Indian wedding, so it’s only expected that as the bride, you’d want to make a lasting impact with your look. Once you’ve settled on your outfit and makeup, it’s imperative that you pick a hairstyle that is not only simple and comfortable, but will also look flattering in photographs. We spoke to celebrity makeup and hair expert, and MyGlamm’s Global Makeup Director Daniel Bauer (Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif’s go-to) and Maleeha Jafferbhoy, style director, Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa India, for their cues on how to pick the right hairstyle for the occasion.

Pick a hairstyle that complements your outfit

Since the reception affords you the flexibility of choosing between a sari, lehenga or gown, Bauer says it’s important to keep the choice of outfit in mind. “The more elaborate the dress, the simpler the hair should be. One of the biggest mistakes brides and their artists make is to over-accessorise the hair. If you have a beautifully embellished dress and some gorgeous jewellery to go with it, it’s better to keep the hair accessories delicate for a balanced look,” he explains.


Jafferbhoy says that a dramatic ensemble needs a sophisticated, understated style. “Stay away from anything too trendy; you want to keep your look classic. A sleek updo or loose waves will generally complement the outfit,” she advises. He also suggests adding volume and length with hair extensions to keep the look different, but still simple. Bauer, on the other hand, recommends accentuating the look with a statement-making headpiece. “If you choose to let your hair down, look for a lot of volume and curls. If you prefer an updo, you can go OTT with pretty bridal accessories,” he says.


If you are searching for Insta-worthy hairstyles but can’t decide between tying your hair up or letting it down, here is Bauer’s rule of thumb: take note of the neckline. “In the case of a high neckline, the hair can be pulled back into an updo to accentuate the facial features. When the neckline is deeper or lower, open, softer hairstyles look more flattering and aesthetic,” he explains. Jafferbhoy agrees, adding that one-shoulder outfits are meant to highlight the design on the arms and the neckline, and so you don’t want a hairstyle that covers it up. “Just about any hairstyle works if you have an off-shoulder neckline, whether you want a messy bun or prefer to wear your hair to one side,” she says.


Choose a hairstyle according to your face shape

“With an oval face shape you can choose almost any hairstyle. Sweep hair back to flaunt chiselled features, or centre part your hair. Waves away from the face can show off the cheekbones,” explains Jafferbhoy. “On the other hand, styles with deep side partings can make a round face look more elongated. If you have a stronger jawline and a square-shaped face, a messy bun with loose strands framing the sides can give the illusion of a softer edges. An oblong face shape, which is marked by a long chin and forehead and thinner cheeks, can also be made to look softer and smaller with a back bun instead of a top bun,” she adds.

Embrace your natural length and texture

“Long gone are the days of the intricate, structured updos, held together by cans of hair spray and dozens of pins. 2019 is all about being comfortable and confident in your own hair,” says Jafferbhoy. Brides with naturally fine and straight hair that doesn’t hold curls for too long can opt to just wear their hair straight and down. This also flatters short hair, which can be dressed up with accessories.


Those with wavy hair should work the movement in hair with loose curls and waves for a relaxed look. You may need to use the right products to make sure this hairstyle holds throughout the event. But the more in sync your hairstyle is with your hair texture, the lesser products it will need. “An easy way to add an element of texture to a hairstyle is through braids. Whether you choose to leave your hair down or put it up, you can always add a braid or lots of them to make a bit of an impact,” concludes Jafferbhoy.

This article first appeared in Vogue


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