In conversation with Aiana Jain, Style coach and fashion influencer

She can be basic, vintage, timeless, quirky and fun – all at different times or simultaneously. If at all one thing is sure, you can’t typecast Aiana Jain in any style. Besides elegance, she carries unpredictability with panache. She is the voice of fashion for her 250 k followers on Instagram, a platform where she shares her advice and observations about all things fashion, lifestyle, beauty and wellness.  

In a freewheeling conversation on style, saris, beauty, work and life, this former advertising professional turned fashion influencer shares the best tips and tricks learned through a decade of being a ‘style and beauty insider’. 

As a style coach, which is the favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of the job is the happiness and increased confidence of everyone I have style coached. After the sessions, so many times, they message me and let me know what are they doing in their style journey and share pictures which gives me immense happiness and joy that it was a job well done. Every assignment is unique because we humans are unique. And challenges and victories are part of every assignment I have taken; be it with a person or a group, the challenges have been exceptional, and excitement is immense after the job is done.

What’s the difference between a style coach and a stylist?

A stylist will style you and tell you exactly what to wear, and that’s it, and it’s a one-time thing. My approach is more customised, empowering and long-term. I start with getting to know the people, their lifestyles and backgrounds better before I start taking style coaching sessions. I like to arm them with tools, so they are not dependent on me after the sessions. Through these sartorial choices, they begin to understand themselves better.

What’s the creative process behind ‘style coaching’? Is it about wearing stylish clothes or is it more than that?

My mom has always been the most stylish person in the room. grew up inspired by her style and how graceful and effortless she has always been. I feel my creative process is to be effortless and not try too hard.

I feel trendy clothes have nothing to do with style, and you could wear something simple and basic yet be very fashionable. A style for me is a form of expression and confidence in carrying whatever you wear with aplomb.

white top blue jeans

How do you help a person discover their style? Can you share some quick takeaways?

The more you talk with the person more you understand if they are true to their inherent vibe. Sometimes styles are imposed on us consciously, or we catch them subconsciously; once you know that, it becomes easy to improvise on their style or do we want them to reinvent their style. Trust me, and answers lie with the person being style coached; all they need is a nudge and a safe place to talk.

What’s the best compliment you have ever received for your work?

The best compliment is when they don’t need me anymore and share their stylish pictures with me; trust me, those moments are priceless.

Let’s pair beauty with style. What will these go best with?

Red lips: Black dress

Pink Lips: White Shirt

Nude lips: Everything

On-the-go tints: Summer Dresses

Smoky eyes: Strappy Dress

 Disclaimer: Jumble all the above answers with questions and you will see everything still matches! It’s about having fun and feeling confident in your choices.

What ranks high in Aiana’s style book — Updos, braids or letting down your hair?

Hair is important, and I am constantly having fun with different hairdos. I wear my hair loose or in a high bun, low bun, or braids. I love every style, I always say we can’t change our face, but we can always change how we style our hair and try out different hairstyles with the same outfit. Do notice the difference it makes.

Can you share three ways to style a sari differently but within the elegant zone.

Thank you, I am a sari lover and love draping it in many ways. If you had to style the same saree three different ways, I would say the first is the traditional way, but please don’t pleat and pin the pallu; the second one is to try draping the saree in a way that it falls 5 inches above the ankle and wear booties with them try it, it’s fun. If I have to style the same saree, the third way I would give a twist to the blouse, use your white shirt or even a tee as a blouse and see how the same saree gives different vibes!

What are the five blouses every sari lover must-have?

The staple blouses everyone should have are black, white and gold. These colours compliment most colours. Add a striped blouse to your collection to make it quirky. It would help if you had a white shirt as it could double up a blouse. A cropped Tee is also a great option, and everyone should have one strappy or halter neck blouse in the collection.

What’s in your makeup bag?

Oh lord, I have tonnes of makeup; I love makeup. My makeup must-haves are a beauty sponge, highlighter brush, blush brush, an excellent full cover foundation, concealer, blush, mascara and lipstick.

What’s your most repurchased beauty item, and why?

Few beauty staples are Pixi Glow Tonic, Laneige Cica Mask, Sulwashoo clarifying mask, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, Givenchy mascara and Too Faced mascara. 

Please give us a glimpse into Aiana’s skincare shelf. 

I am a minimalist maximalist when it comes to skincare. I use quite a few things but not all at the same go. Currently, I am using hydrating serum and Vit C serum. Sunscreen is my absolute must-have, while retinol is my holy grail.

 The most underrated wellness/beauty ritual.

Fragrances, I feel how you smell just adds on to your personality and your charm, invest in good perfumes.


What will your advice to your 20-year-self?

I would give two. First, everything happening is happening for a reason, and it will lead somewhere nice and second would be not to take skin for granted, start skincare, and wear sunscreen.

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