Decoding Chloé Naturelle Eau De Parfum

Nature is my inspiration and respiration; I resonated with this line in the Chloe Press Kit. Every holiday, I try a new fragrance (perks of the job), and during my recent holiday to Mauritius with friends, I took Chloe Naturelle Signature along. 

Before I start and decode the notes and the scent, here’s a disclaimer: I love roses, especially fragrances that keep the rose note lively and fresh. Very few brands do rose as well as Chloe, and perhaps that’s why fragrances from this French fashion brand are some of my absolute favorites. At the heart of Chloé Naturelle Eau de Parfum is also, rose, this time certified organic. 

Decoding Chloé Naturelle Eau De Parfum

Without much further ado, let’s dive into the mini-review of the fragrance. 

Meet: Chloé New Signature Eau De Parfum Naturelle 

Parfum Naturelle 

USP? Its eco-friendly facets. It uses 100 % natural origin ingredients sourced via sustainable harvesting. The glass bottle with signature pleating is made with recycled materials, including the green grey ribbon at the neck of the bottle. A little technical, but also, the fragrance features naturally derived alcohol and is 100 % vegan. For the launch, they partnered with the Green Belt Movement, an organization devoted to making the earth a greener place. Since it was founded in 1977, they have planted 52 million trees in Kenya alone. For every set sent, a tree is planted by the organization. I like initiatives like these. 

Eau De Parfum

The scent: Sustainability aside, Chloe Naturelle is an alluring fragrance – airy, grounded, woody, and floral. The organic rose is at the heart of the fragrance, surrounded by neroli, cedarwood, mimosa and raspberry. It’s that perfect blend between modern and sophisticated, graceful and uplifting, something that will appeal to all noses. It smells expensive without being cloying (if I may say so). But you have to like roses, though! If you are more of a jasmine-kinda girl, it may not tug your heart.


Time: PM & AM, summer & winter, party & office, brunch & wedding. You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s like a timeless solitaire pendant that you can dress up or down as per your styling.

P.S -I loved that the perfume arrived on my desk in a reusable cloth wrap (inspired by the Japanese art of gifting – furoshiki) with a packet of seeds, some of which I dropped in the mud of Mauritius. I hope one day they bear flowers and delight travelers!


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