Intention setting and self-care rituals for 2023, according to zodiac signs

Now, that you are settled into the new year, and the buzz around making resolutions has slowly faded, it’s time to step back and set intentions. Often, we make resolutions that are fanciful and struggle with them till perhaps the first month or so, before we give up on them. A lot of new year resolutions don’t work because there is no proper understanding of what needs to be resolved in the first place. Resolution is the end goal, intention is the starting point. 

Intention-setting is not a woo-woo term but has its roots in meditation and goal-setting, and is an easy step to tap into your inner creative self. It’s the step that comes before we take action. They don’t need to be intangible but require some inner work. To state an example, ‘I will focus on my fitness’ is an intention, and then be open to ways you can reach that goal, instead of making a resolution that ‘I won’t have sugar’. When you set intentions you transform wishful thinking into a purpose and focus on it. Instead of feeling that life happens to you, you move into a mindful state of life is happening for you. Even if you missed the first day of the year, 1st January, the first month/week is a good place to begin. 

Intention setting exercise: 

To prepare for the new year, astrologer and meditation coach Urvi Shrimankar shares a simple exercise to set intentions, “Sit in a quiet place and choose a time when you won’t be disturbed. Light your favorite candle and play some high-frequency music. Take a few deep breaths before writing down your intentions for the new year–it could be anything you want to happen this year. Be mindful to jot down all the details.” Writing intentions, whether in a physical or online journal is the first step in making them tangible. When we write, we unconsciously bring order into the chaos in our heads, and this conscious act becomes a way to channelize our subconscious desires. For better results, Shrimankar suggests writing on yellow sheets of paper with a red pen. “Add all the papers into a box/jar and let the magic unfold. The yellow paper and red pen put the brain into action mode,” she adds.

Ahead, we curate customized self-care rituals based on zodiac signs that will help you stay on track in 2023.

Self-care rituals for zodiac signs: 

Aries: build strength

For the new year and to ensure that all your manifestations come to life – the Universe is asking you to build physical and mental strength. Spend time focusing on your health to ensure you’re ready to make strides when required. 

Taurus: read

For 2023, your knowledge is the superpower that brings you unbelievable opportunities. The Universe is asking you to immerse yourself in reading and upskilling this year. It’s all about reading and growing your interest to make your dreams come true! 

Gemini: beauty rituals

Beauty is a dominant theme for you in 2023. This year, the Universe is asking you to ensure that you’re looking and feeling your best to work towards your dreams. So, indulge in a beauty and self-care ritual and ensure it feels good to make you feel on top of the world. Your intention this year has a lot to do with how you look and feel this year! 

Cancer: be still

Connecting with your inner self, your intuition and that inner voice will allow you to stay in your power this year. The Universe wants you to get into the practice of meditation and the art of being still to connect with your intuition and allow it to guide you! 

Leo: aromatherapy

Let your sense of smell be the guiding purpose for 2023. The Universe is asking you to harness the power of aromatherapy to sharpen your mind and ensure that your mind is vigilant. You will benefit if you are able to tap into the power of aromatherapy to create a calming and energizing atmosphere for you to thrive! Think of scented candles and diffusers to set your space for something extraordinary! 

Virgo: positive affirmations

The Universe is asking you to believe in the power of positive affirmations to be in tandem with your intentions for the new year! Trust that there are no rules – use any affirmations you resonate with, or feel free to make new ones. Trust that these affirmations are fueling your growth! 

Libra: create a crystal altar

This year, find something to go back to and to ground you. An altar is a great way to hold space for your intention. An altar is a special and beautiful place in a corner of your study table, the top of a dresser or a shelf on a bookshelf, or a room (if you have the space), where you keep your collection of healing crystals, some flowers or plants, and energy tools. Trust that this altar has the power to inspire you. 

Scorpio: rest

The one thing you’re being asked to focus on, to think clearly, and to be able to go out there and achieve your dreams is rest. Trust the secret to your achievements in the new year is being well-rested and having a fresh mind for the same! So, give yourself some holistic rest and disconnect before you get started with the new year! 

Sagittarius: clean your energy field

The one thing that will really allow you to get started with the new year is to clean your aura and the energy field frequently. Use smudging sage and clear quartz to clean your energy field. Often cleansing your aura will allow you to eliminate heavy, negative energies holding you back! 

Capricorn: journal

The one ritual you’re being guided towards this year is journaling, dear Capricorn. The Universe asks you to get comfortable with your feelings, do the inner housekeeping, and share that on paper. Trust that the power your intuition holds and allows you to work through some of the most challenging things. Learn to surrender to the power of writing & watch it create magic for you! 

Aquarius: sound healing

The Universe is asking you to break free of past limitations and step into your untapped potential. Use the power of sound healing to let go of heavy emotions and to break free of subconscious blockages – trust that you’re meant to do big things, let go of your fears and step into something absolutely lovely. 

Pisces: tune in, clean your space

Dear Pisces, you’re being asked to use music as your inspiration this new year. So, tune into a space of listening to your favorite music, inspiring you and being able to just be! Trust that a clean room gives you immense inspiration and clarity of thoughts to go after your dreams. Ensure that you surround yourself with something absolutely fantastic and things that make you want to get into “action mode.”

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