When you turned 13, and your mom is a beauty editor

My 13-year-old daughter shares how her mother’s profession impacts her grooming or beauty routines. Let’s keep the introduction really short. My daughter, Anika turned 13 this month, and here’s me catching up with her, on frequently asked questions, and beauty in particular.

AG: People see you sometimes on my feed, and feel that you are more beauty-inclined than a regular teen. Your comments.

Anika: Tell me who thinks this. Taking care of yourself and doing stuff that makes you feel confident isn’t beauty inclined, it is self-care. I don’t even wear makeup. I do my skincare. I wear makeup on special occasions. I think people should be more focused on what their kids do than other people’s kids.

AG: How is it different being a beauty editor’s daughter? Does your skincare shelf look different from your friends?

Anika: I obviously have more beauty things in my skincare closet than my friends, but everyone has advantages of their parent’s professions. If your mom is an interior designer, obviously your room will be more aesthetic than mine. When my friends come visiting, they want to try on the face masks and other skincare stuff. If your mom works in the beauty industry and writes as mine does, you have more knowledge about skincare, and you have more resources to apply that. For example, I knew how important it was to use sunscreen before it even was a trend.

AG: What inspires you to try skincare?

Anika: Maybe just seeing how my mom and how her beauty friends use it.

AG: Do you and your mom have any beauty fights?

Anika: All the time. I always want the products she gets. But she keeps most of them, saying she works for it. She does share some things that are age-appropriate and perhaps which she is not on her wishlist!

AG: What beauty lessons have you learned from your mom

Anika: Get ready for some unfiltered responses.

  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Never sleep with your makeup on ever
  • The most important thing about makeup is taking it off.
  • Keep it simple, less is more.
  • You are what you eat.
  • What’s on your inside is more important than what’s on the outside.
  • Don’t spray too much perfume. The other person shouldn’t get a headache.
  • Being physically active and fit is very important. You need to work out, run or play a sport.
  • Never look like you are wearing too much makeup.
  • The more makeup you put, the older you look!

AG: Which are the skincare products you are allowed to use from your mom’s skincare shelfie?

Anika: Dermalogica cleanser, Ranavat exfoliator, Laneige lip maks, Dr Barbara Sturm cleanser (though she loves is very much and is paranoid about it getting over, I don’t get to use it that often), Daughter Earth Hemp Mask, D’you IMD and eye patches. Recently we are sharing the Fable and Mane hair oil. It’s the best, it makes my hair so pretty and smells so good. I hated oiling my hair before this one. I like it because it smells so good and doesn’t make my hair greasy.

AG: Let’s talk about perfumes…

Anika: I am really upset that she gave away Dior perfume to a friend. When I told her to save it for me. But she keeps giving these really nice perfumes to her friends. My favorite perfume to date is Chanel Mademoiselle and Gucci Bloom. I really like how they smell and how I feel when I wear them. I like layering a lot more at 13 than when I was 10. I like layering my vanilla perfume with like floral perfumes.

AG: What does holistic wellness mean to you?

Anika: Just working on the inside. For me, it’s lighting candles and journaling.

AG: What’s the worst part of being with your mom?

Anika: She does send when I don’t hang out with her and spend time with my friends instead. (Guilty as charged)

AG: You have attended some events with her. What was your experience?

Anika: I like attending some events but I don’t want to go there uninvited. I like meeting new people and talking to them and observing how the brands showcase their products at such events. The décor, how they speak, and how they interact with the guests.

AG: Parting words?

Anika: Be yourself. Love yourself. be your own best friend!


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