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To take this photograph, many mornings were spent looking for that touch of dew on the most delicate rose petals, and that imagery, for me, captures the soul of this fragrance. Issey Miyake, the Japanese design house, is all about clean silhouettes and minimalism. Its fragrance division has followed that ethos, ever since the launch of first L’ Eau D’issey, a cult fragrance that remains an ode to minimalism.

I am not a stickler for one genre of fragrance. Just as I experiment with silhouettes, fabrics, and colours in my wardrobe, I experiment with perfumes too. I must admit, that, despite being a floral person, I do have a thing for all of Issey Miyake’s scents. No one has ever disappointed me.

Coming back to the latest addition, Pure, it’s mellow, soft, and insanely fresh. The brief that designer Issey Miyake gave the perfumer was to capture the essence of water on the skin. Mild yet sexy. But if you are looking to make heads turn at your entry, this is not the fragrance for you. This doesn’t shout, it whispers. Soft nothings. Someone has to lean in close to get enchanted by this. Wearing this is like wearing an incredibly soft, lacy lingerie; it is a feeling, an intimate experience. Not for public consumption.

It’s great for a day at work, as the delicate notes ensure that they don’t overwhelm those around you. But at the same time, linger on you like a floral second skin, like a secret lover who makes you smile. Every time I move my hands to tuck my errant tresses behind the ears, I get a drift of tantalising jasmine, lily, and rose.

The bottle design recalls a drop of water… After all, this perfume is meant to evoke the scent of water on the skin of a woman. Simply crushing on the clean notes that smell so irresistibly sexy. ❤


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