The nature-inspired nail trends to try

If spring is in the air, can flowers be far behind? If you are a floral person, there is no better season. And even if flowers aren’t your thing, a touch of blossoms on your nails is just the right way to bask in the season’s spirit. A popular spring beauty trend, the pressed flower manicure, is created by applying mini dried flowers to the nails and sealing them with a clear topcoat. Though the flowers can be applied to a base colour of your choice, go minimalist and try them on nudes or a barely-there-pink hue. Can’t find the real deal? Paint them on! Here’s a look at some pretty, some edgy, some dreamy and some sporty nail art designs.

Lavender-inspired nail art designs

Think lavender and images of vast stretches of calming purple fields spring up. There is something inherently luxurious and soothing about the colour. Keep the background of the nail art design the lightest of lilacs and with a freehand, work on a cluster of purple dots that give the impression of a stalk of lavender. Don’t pine for symmetry and let the delicate blooms vary from nail to nail. It is fine if one comes out of the centre, and the other from the corner of the nails. Just relax and soak in the whimsical, bohemian feel. It’s one of the best ways for you to use the Pantone colour of the year—Ultraviolet—in your vanity. You could ask your manicurist to add a touch of sparkle to give this dreamy look a dressy upgrade.

Rose-inspired nail art designs

There are literally a million ways in which you can wear the rose on your fingertips. But our favourite is to go the vintage route with this classic floral motif. Take inspiration from Victorian prints in pastel hues; rose pink on a base of powder blue or sea green. Or if your nails are healthy, just go for a base coat and a rose illustration in two tones of the same colour, and seal it with a glossy top coat for an interesting twist to the negative space manicure for those who like it simple. Yet another way is to take a rosy detour from the classic French manicure. Instead of lining the nail edges with white, ask your nail artist to sketch the rose in white on a nude base. Accentuate it with tiny pearl beads.

Daisy-inspired nail art designs

A hint of yellow in the midst of white immediately reminds us of a bunch of fresh daisies. It’s fairly easy to replicate this motif on the nails even at home with a thin brush. It looks delicate if petals are daintily painted on a pastel blush background. And it can even give biker-chic meets spring-cool vibes if drawn bolder on a darker base like black or midnight blue. Just the impression of this pretty flower is enough to evoke cheer and innocence. A perfect way to accessorise a summery monochrome dress.

Tulip-inspired nail art designs

If you are seeking something that’s vivid, intense and fun, then tulips are for you.

These large, statement-making flowers in saturated red, pink, yellow and white have inspired many artists. Why shouldn’t you reference some pictures of the blooming tulip fields in Holland and inspire your nail artist? Since it’s a fairly simple form with an oval centre, leaf-like side petals and a wavy stalk, it is one of the easiest DIY nail art design that can be tried at home with a thin paintbrush. To keep it simple, accentuate the nails on the ring fingers with a tulip illustration. On the rest, play with the bold colours. Try colour-blocking with three or two colours that catch your fancy.

Sunflower-inspired nail art designs

This is an easy flower nail art design for beginners. Let Sunflower by Van Gogh be your inspiration. Balance the brightness of yellow on a pastel blue base colour. You can go OTT with all nails painted in shades of yellow or draw the flower on a couple of nails. Just change the positioning of the flower to switch the look and feel. Instead of the placing the sunflowers in the centre, move them on the side. The carefree vibe of the flower pairs wonderfully with the casual feel of denim or a pristine white dress. If you are looking to brighten up your look, look no further.

Cherry blossom-inspired nail art designs

Nothing spells spring romance better than the dreamy cherry blossoms. It’s impossible to not be swayed by its beauty and charm. While you can always add floral oriental prints in your wardrobe, we are obsessed by its rendition on the nails. If you desire a nail art design that’s pretty, elegant and timeless, go for cherry blossoms on a salmon base. For a fresh interpretation, wear pink blooms on sky blue, reminiscent of the awe-inspiring moment when you look up and see the blushing blooms almost kissing the clear blue skies.

Water Lily-inspired nail art designs

For nails that make a statement, try recreating the enchanting impression of water lilies as seized by Claude Monet in his masterpiece. Definitely, not a DIY meant for beginners, this calls for an artistic intervention. Take cues from hints of pink and greens contrasting with the darker shades of blue. If your wardrobe consists mostly of solid colours (sans prints) then this is a nail art design you should pin. It’s great for holidays, parties and weddings when you want to go against the grain of glitter and gold but still create some drama.


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