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After letting my skin sleep alone for a week, I am back to my time-tested night buddy. I have sensitive skin, not too dry or oily. When I use Justherbs facial oil, I love how my face feels the next morning. Do I start glowing like in just one night? No. But the skin feels smoother and looks more even-toned. I also feel my sun spots and acne spots fade after a week of constant application. It even calms down minor zits. That it is made by slow cooking several herbs, flowers and roots in sesame oil is another green bonus.

The Inside Story: Technically, this brightening facial oil is a blend of 17 natural glow-boosting herbs including sandalwood, vetiver, and nagkesar (Indian-rose chestnut). These are cooked in cold-pressed sesame oil according to the traditional ayurvedic way of oil-making.


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