Meet Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette

The ‘Perfect eau de toilette’, the new fragrance from Marc Jacobs, is an extension of Perfect Range by @marcjacobsfragrances. To get everyone on the same page, Marc Jacobs launched Perfect in 2020 to celebrate self-love and expression, and the campaign messaging was clear, this perfume doesn’t promise to take me to a particular place, doesn’t switch me to a diva moment, this perfume is just me and being me at the moment is perfect.


This campaign was a break from conventional fragrance campaigns driven by romance, travel and aspirations. Designer Marc Jacobs has tattooed perfect on his writs. In his many interviews, he has shared, “this to remind me that, when I’m looking at myself and wishing I could be stronger in this way or better at that thing, I can just say no, I’m exactly how I need to be right now.” Did you know that Perfect Marc Jacobs was the first fragrance brand to launch a global Hashtag Challenge with TikTok, generating large-scale awareness and massive engagement and introducing the new fragrance to gen Z and millennial audiences through the platform they love and understand – social media? 

The campaign for Marc Jacobs Perfect EDT, shot in New York City by famous fashion photographer Juergen Teller and creative director Katie Grand, creates a minimalist backdrop in soft hues to highlight the contrasting beauty of the cast. The storytelling and visual imagery aimed to capture joy and optimism in authentic frames.  

The Vibe

The perfume is inviting, fresh, and pleasing. It’s wearable for summer due to its refreshing, top notes and mild daffodil heart. If I compare it to clothes, I feel it’s like a quirky take on the classic white shirt. I would consider it a day perfume, ideal for work and casual brunch dates with friends. Even for younger girls, it’s an excellent option to wear to classes (whether college or school). It’s unconventional but very comfortingly calming and universally pleasant.

The Notes

The notes in this floral fragrance are as follows:

Top Notes: Pink peppercorn, polygonum

Heart: white daffodil

Base: Cedarwood

The Design 

The cap is pretty with an eclectic and multi-colored assortment of mismatched charms, each selected by the maverick designer. There is a bow, a glass heel, a lucky domino, a cat, and a star – like a seamless mix between the lady and girl. The bottle is charming and (for me) stands for owning all parts of yourself, including the playful inner child. The outer packaging showcases the new charms through a lovely New York-based artist, Jacky Blue illustration.

Verdict: Go for this, if you are looking for a new addition to your summer fragrance wardrobe, and you prefer comfort over drama!

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