L’Oréal Professionel Serie Expert Powermix Review

How about a salon-quickie to transform your tresses? Well, I am tempted to add that this express bespoke treatment, which is done at the back wash, can transform your hair from blah to wow. This is partially true, as this mini-version of a hair spa does make the hair softer and smoother. But I would rate it more as a maintenance ritual. A quick nourishment dose to keep your city hair manageable and lustrous. It is specially a boon for those who love their hair length. The good part is that it involves just 15 minutes extra in your regular wash-blow dry session.

Getting started

I headed to Jean-Claude Biguine Spa and Salon to find how effective it really is. The research and development team at L’Oréal Professionnel worked out a solution that perfect for the millennials. One-size-fits all is certainly not the order of the day, when we have moved beyond common hair types and entered the niche zone of scalp concerns and combination hair types. Enter Serie Expert Powermix, the brand’s first bespoke in-salon treatment that is mixed and applied at the backwash.

Now let’s decode how it works? There are two parts to the treatment: a micellar-inspired base that is rich in conditioning ingredients and then mixed with one or more of the additives. There is a bit of drama that you can witness because when the products are mixed, they transform from a translucent liquid to an opaque white cream. There are five options to choose from:

Nutri: To enhanced hydration and shine

Repair: To improve the suppleness of damaged strands

Liss: To tame frizz and control wayward hair

Color: To improve the radiance and shine of coloured hair

Force: To strengthen strands and prevent breakage.

The best part is that you can combine one or more. So, my stylist Abid Salmani chose a combination that would help tame my frizz and repair the ends which were a bit frayed due to the length. It is what I call the upgraded wash and blow dry routine, as the mask is applied after the hair is washed and conditioned. It’s functional. So if you are looking for a pampering scalp massage, you will be disappointed. However, the beauty of it lies in its brevity.

It is a bit uncomfortable to spend a few additional minutes with your head resting at the backwash but it is worth it. As Salmani blow-dries my hair I can feel them smoother, silkier and much lighter than what they usually are after a regular wash and dry routine. And did I forget to mention the shine? Well it is the rule of the strands, the smoother the hair, the more it shines.

My hair ends need constant TLC due to the length, and I do ensure to schedule a hair spa, once every month. I definitely plan to add this ritual to my monthly grooming must-dos, especially in the monsoons, which just makes my hair super voluminous (in a lion king kind of way) and extremely frizzy. But now I plan to alternate between Powermix ritual and a decadent hair spa, to save time and also some money 😉


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