Wellness practices to tap into the energy of the first new moon of 2023, on January 21

What is it about new moon energy that you should make notes of, and why should you mark 21 January in your calendar? It is the first new moon of the new year and brings infinite possibilities of tapping into cosmic energy that can help you reset and recharge and get ahead of the emotional baggage you might be struggling with. According to astrological and wellness healers’ experts, any manifestation done during this time will significantly impact your goals. The Aquarian new moon is about embracing all your flaws and letting go of the past completely.

The Aquarian energy surrounding the first new moon of 2023 is fun, quirky, and ridiculously inclusive, shares meditation coach and astrologer Urvi Shrimanker. “Innovation is a huge theme with this new moon. Therefore, there is an immense need to revamp your style, wardrobe, and even the way you think. The Aquarian energy is very potent and has us striving toward our goals. Aquarians also love to help, therefore ensuring that you’re giving back during this time,” she adds. 

What is new moon energy?

“Since new moons happen once a month and signify the beginning of a cycle, you can think of them as a cosmic reset. It alters our energy fields; some people may also feel it physically. Tension headaches, low energy, and low blood pressure are some common signs of full and new moons,” explains Dr Vani Kabir, Intergalactic Healer. According to her, taking a walk in the evening and journaling our manifestations today are easy ways to make the most of this abundant lunar energy. In Ayurveda, the lunar rituals are listed under monthly routines and determine when Kapha energies are dominant. “Your body may feel sluggish, and you might feel a little low on energy around this time more than usual. Moon cycles tend to affect our lives in terms of reproductive cycles to melatonin secretion just as deeply as it affects the tides in the ocean. The new moon is the time to align your body with the mind. Eat light-energy plant-based food to detox your digestive system, and schedule a massage to recharge,” says Dr Shewta Netke, Senior Ayurveda Doctor at Forest Essentials.

Ahead are easy lunar rituals you practice on January 21 to invite abundance and unconditional growth in your love and work life. 

1. Affirm, and script

The first step for a growth mindset is to edit how you talk to yourself consciously. Get ahead of your fears and doubts and focus on the best-case scenario. For instance – I am a magnet for opportunities that improve my life, I am building authentic connections, or I am open to receiving all the love that comes my way, or my ideas are new and forward-thinking. Turn your most significant fear into your greatest strength. Affirmations are nothing but words you choose to describe a reality you desire. 

Affirmations motivate and inspire you to take action and are the first step to making your goals a reality. The most effective affirmations follow the 3 P’s affirmations – Positive, Present, and Personal. Work with the scripting technique, ” writing down your desires in immense detail as though they are already coming true,” says numerologist and victory coach Farzana Suri. For some magical divine intervention, write your affirmations with a green-inked pen several times in a notebook as though you see it happening in the present, advises Suri.  

According to Dr Vani Kabir, the most potent affirmation for this new moon is ‘I am ready to manifest all I want’.  

2. Colour some mandalas

Meditation is only sometimes about chanting or closing your eyes. Sometimes it’s about focusing on the lines and colouring. Get your hands on an adult colouring book with mandalas to focus and unwind. Filling in the symmetrical geometrical shapes of mandalas allows the brain to move away from the external chaos and settle, even for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and affirm that you are in sync with your surroundings and emotions before you start colouring. Be mindful of using only 3-4 colours and not more. 

3. Put your thoughts to paper

Sequential hand movements activate regions in the brain, like the left frontal lobes, which are responsible for healing and memory. Putting pen to paper calms the nerves, eases anxiety, and stimulates creativity. New Moon is the best time to start the habit of the journal. Don’t be overwhelmed as you stare into the blank paper. Always work with prompts to bucket your thoughts. Some easy and effective prompts are: What are the three things I am grateful for today? What did not go as per the plan today? What emotions do I want to release? Alternatively, you can draw a heart on a blank paper and write words that best describe you. They need not be all bright. Accept all that you feel at that moment.

4. Centre your mind with scents

Light a candle and put a few drops of your favourite essential oils in a diffuser. We recommend lavender, rose, and geranium as they are uplifting and relaxing. Sit comfortably. Alternatively, you can get a handful of jasmine to elevate your breathwork. This practice is best done in the evenings as you unwind, according to expressive art therapist Sumisha Shankar. “Hold the fresh jasmine flowers in your hands. Inhale by gently breathing in the aroma of the flower. Exhale slowly and gently as if blowing a leaf. Notice the softer you inhale without force, the more you can smell the fragrance. Repeat it as much as you want. Don’t force. Cup your eyes with the velvety part of your palm and slowly open your eyes inside. You can keep the mogra flowers next to your pillow and be ready to sleep like an angel,” says Shankar. 

5. Move your body

To manifest, you must move. Don’t stress if you live in a city and walking under the stars is not possible, don’t stress. You can moon dance instead in the solitude of your room. Put on your favourite music, shake your body to the rhythm, and dance as if nobody is watching. Movement immediately raises your vibration. “Move to express, not to impress. Once the music finishes, lie on the floor, and let your spine relax. Moving on rhythm helps the emotions be expressed, allows the muscles to relax deeply, and allows the mind, body, and spirit to replenish. And it’s the best glow hack ever,” explains Shankar, who specialises in curating organic dance meditation rituals.

“Wellness practices are fantastic if you incorporate them into your life. However, don’t go hard on yourself. Take baby steps towards them and fulfil them one at a time,” sums up Dr Netke. 

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