How to pick a hairstyle for your wedding mehandi party

While you may have to stick to the classics (and plan your hairstyle around how you decide to wear your dupatta) for the actual wedding ceremony, your mehandi function is the perfect time to buck tradition and try something new. The hairstyle often takes a backseat to the makeup, jewellery and clothing when it comes to the main ceremony, and is mostly or wholly covered by the headpiece. But for the mehandi, things could not be more different. “The mehandi is always a very playful event, and is mostly held in the day time. That’s why I find it best to have a hairstyle that complements the theme,” says celebrity hair and makeup artist, Marianna Mukuchyan. “The outfit is usually more informal, and people typically wear lighter colours and silhouettes, so you can match the hair look to that mood,” she says.

While comfort is key, Mukuychan says that it’s important to pick a hairstyle that won’t need touch-ups or fiddling, as the bride is likely to have wet mehandi on her hands throughout the event. To begin, save reference images from Instagram or Pinterest, and share them with your hairstylist. Most stylists suggest looking at people with similar face structure, hair type, hair colour and texture for best replicability.

The best hairstyles you can try for your mehandi if you have long hair

Waves and curls

Since you’re not likely to have a heavy headpiece, you can take a more relaxed, boho approach with your hair. French hairstylist Michel Baltazar, creative director, Jean-Claude Biguine Spa and Salon, is a fan of open styles with soft styling that lend a certain delicacy and elegance. They’re ideal for the bride who is looking for romantic, almost vintage styling. “Open styles are trending, where we can introduce an element of surprise by playing with the hair texture. Curling or crimping hair in sections, twisting and volumising, can create understated drama,” he says. Styling products play a very important role in this procedure as well, since hair needs to be prepped to stay in place for long hours.

“Open hair with volume (like in and out curls/waves) is extremely popular among brides,” says Mukuychan. To keep your hairstyle of-the-moment, she advises, “Add some braids to it, either at the crown area (leave the rest of the hair open/wavy), or have tiny braids running through the lengths as well. You can also dress the hair with tiny flowers or feather accessories to channel the bohemian vibe,” she adds. With braided hairstyles, you can decide on half-up half-down style. You could also consider to intersperse crystals and pearls through the hair for a touch of glamour, she says.

Ponytails and buns

A high textured ponytail or bun is elegant and ideal for a carefree bride who wants to keep her hair out of her face. “The stylist has to prep the hair in such a way that the bride is comfortable even while dancing, eating or moving around. Tie up or pin-up styles have to be carefully executed, as stray pins and too many tendrils can be uncomfortable to keep track off,” says Balthazar. “Carefree elegance is trending right now, so messy and textured buns are the order of the day. Something which is beautifully put together but doesn’t look made up.” If you’re working with extensions to add length or volume, both stylists suggest that the bride try them on beforehand to test the comfort and weight of the weave on her head.

The best hairstyles you can try for your mehandi if you have short hair

“Original and well accessorised, short hair can be ultra-feminine. With a little length to work with, you can create magic on short hair,” says Balthazar. If you’re choosing not to use extensions, celebrating the hair’s natural texture is the ideal approach. Delicate details like small accessories, flowers and headbands complement it as well.

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