Lavenderoom | It’s 11/11 – Time to manifest and open your heart chakra

It’s 11/11 – Time to manifest and open your heart chakra

Manifesting is a new self-care practice and a positivity hack in wellness that helps you keep focused and positive. Whether you are intrigued by the concept or are a manifesting pro, you need to save the date – 11/11 or 11 November – on your calendar. Here’s why. 

What is unique about 11 November? 

According to Numerologist Farzana Suri, this date is spiritually relevant as 11/11 is a sequence that awakens your inner self and is a powerful opportunity to allow the voice within to be heard through the universe. Energy coaches and meditation experts unanimously mention how universal energy can be tapped to fuel our desires and visions, even more so during this time. 

“This time around, 11/11 is just a day before the bright Taurus full moon, bringing the stability you need to make your dreams come true. With 11/11 falling within the Scorpio season, plunging us deeper into our spiritual rituals and aligning with our deepest purpose and ourselves. On 11/11, we’re entering a new portal – opening up the realms of creativity, ideas, and abundance,” explains astrologer and meditation coach Urvi Shrimanker.

Talking about the synchronous numbers, Suri adds, “11 is a Master Number in Numerology, and it has the power of two 1s. Number 1 is about new beginnings and makes 11 November a powerful force and manifesting powerhouse. It represents growth, development, inspiration, and spiritual enlightenment. So, 11/11 is all of that energy quadrupled. At 11/11, the doors of the spiritual portal open up with the promise of new beginnings.” The period from 11 November till the end of the month is the best energetically to forge new paths and bring unique visions to life. 

What are the energy rituals or meditation techniques we can follow?

All of November, from the 11th to the 30th, is considered a favourable time for enhancing energy and manifesting rituals, but if you are looking for maximum impact, try following the energy rituals on 11 November at 11:11 to amplify this synchronicity and alignment. “Before you tune in to your deepest desires and biggest dreams, begin with gratitude. Thank the universe and the people, situations, and things that have made it special for you. Focus on what does your heart truly want? Take a pause. Please speak to your body, and ask what it needs. Wait for the answer, don’t jump in,” advises Suri. 

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Ahead are three intention-setting rituals you can follow to tap into the abundant vibrations of 11:11. It is important to remember that feeling grateful is the centre of gravity for any ritual.

Practice candle meditation

Suri shares her favourite ritual, “Light a candle and use a diffuser with patchouli oil to centre the senses. Write your deepest desires as if they are already unfolding in the now – in the present reality. Visualize the taste, the smell, the feel, the colours, and the sounds. Allow all your intentions to flow freely without any doubts, ‘what ifs’ and fears. Meditate on it for 11 minutes. I like to gaze into the flame and visualize the life I am manifesting. Fold the paper and keep it in a place that is special and safe.” 

Try yellow book journalling

Shrimankar suggests another easy and effective method to manifest and tap into the 11:11 portal is to script your reality. Scripting is based on the belief in ‘free will’ and truly believing that you are your reality’s creator. Put yourself first, as you can never manifest the good or the bad for others. It’s a connection you build with the universe and keeps you in the driver’s seat. “Scripting is essentially a detailed writing of your dream reality. Don’t shy away from writing away all the little details that excite you and make things easy for you. The only thing to be mindful of – writing it in the present tense to ensure that you’re ready to receive it all,” adds Shrimankar. Foster a sense of allowance in receiving all you have asked for and more. She recommends journaling on yellow paper with a red pen – this prompts the brain to take action and subconsciously aligns you toward making your dreams a reality.

Balance your heart chakra

If you have been feeling stressed or struggling with respiratory or low immunity issues, 11:11 is a great time to align your heart with the mind. You can try different methods that hone your intuition; the simplest will be to follow a guided heart chakra meditation focusing on the vibrations of ‘yam.’ You can also work with essential oils such as frankincense, geranium, neroli, and sandalwood, which balance the heart chakra and promote feelings of comfort and love. Use a diffuser or rub a drop of the oil within the palms and slowly inhale the scent. You can gently rub it on your heart while saying the ‘Ho Oponopono’ prayer, a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. 

To sum up, as Suri says, manifesting is beyond just visualizing, journalling, and creating vision boards. It’s taking inspired action toward your daily, weekly and monthly goals to make an intentional change. Keep reminding yourself each day of what you want to focus on and how you want to show up. The universe is ready to comply.

This article was first published in Digital Vogue

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