Lavenderoom | This Valentine’s Day try ungendered perfumes

This Valentine’s Day try ungendered perfumes

Valentine's Day perfumes Gucci Memoire D'une Odeur Eau De Parfum greencoloured bottle

Why not ditch the “for men” and “for women” labels when shopping for Valentine’s Day this year? If you are keen to step out of the gender and fragrance association and are looking for scents that tread the line between being overtly delicate and intensely pungent, keep an eye on the new ungendered fragrances on the block. Following the current trend of inclusivity in beauty, gender-neutral fragrances disrupt clichéd stereotypes. It’s not as simple as dismissing floral as feminine and intense woody-smoky notes as masculine. Instead, it is about creating blends with innovative pairing of ingredients. When it comes to fragrances, the focus is shifting from gender to temperaments, and scents are increasingly being seen as tools to manoeuvre moods.


Ahead, discover unisex perfumes that are bound to evoke love this Valentine’s Day.

Ajmal India Ascend Eau De Parfum

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Sensual, captivating, and alluring–this is not your regular oriental fragrance. With the freshness of marine and grapefruit lightening up the deep olfactory profile of vanilla, amber, and patchouli, you can’t go wrong with this as an evening fragrance!

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum

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If you are looking for a genderless fragrance that embodies style and flamboyance with understated glamour, then Tom Ford Black Orchid is for you. Notes of truffle, gardenia, jasmine, lemon, lotus, patchouli, vanilla, incense and sandalwood make this epitome of sensual fragrances.

NASO Profumi Tabac

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Tabac, a new perfume from the artisanal green perfumery house Naso Profumi, takes its cues from the smell of first rain, the salty whiff of sea-breeze, the crisp leaves of a pine tree in mountain air and the musky, woody scent of an old book. The lead note is tobacco’s black bean juxtaposed with rose absolute to conjure a wildly romantic scent.

Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur Eau De Parfum

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Transcending stereotypes in a single whiff, its blend of chamomile and jasmine with bitter almonds, creates a unique aroma that refuses to be deemed feminine or masculine. Warm woods such as sandalwood and cedar with a hypnotic vanilla note intensify its’ sensorial effect.

Calvin Klein CK EVERYONE Eau De Toilette

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Newest addition to the iconic CK One family, CK EVERYONE is a take on the original scent. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas pairs the zesty organic orange oil with rejuvenating blue tea accord and cedarwood offering a fresh take on gender-neutral fragrances.

Salvatore Ferragamo Savane Di Seta Eau De Parfum

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Inspired by the stunning sunsets of Savannah, this fragrance glows with hints of powdery orris and sensual sandalwood. It’s the perfect daytime perfume that leaves you energised and rejuvenated, whether you are heading out for Galentine’s brunch with friends or getting ready for date night.

Chopard Black Incense Malaki by Chopard Eau De Parfum

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A tribute to indulgent incense-burning royal rituals, this fragrance is designed to make you stand out in a crowd. With hints of green cardamom, cinnamon, oud and patchouli, this fragrance features sustainably-sourced natural essences.

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